eTOM can be considered a blueprint for standardizing business processes as well as operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS). eTOM to Business Process Framework; SID to Information Framework, and; TNA to . If you are new in ISP company and want to understand the basic of etom. Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information. Page 1 of Introduction to eTOM. White Paper.

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Note that the eTOM model introduces both vertical functions OSR, fulfillment, assurance, billing and functional process grouping in horizontal layers: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Assigning Technologies to Solutions. The TMN model lays the foundation for managing the infrastructure.

It was etoj to drive a consensus around the processes, inputs, outputs, and activities required for service provider operations management. Not sure if your company is a member?

Business Process Framework (eTOM) – TM Forum

Conformance Certification Engage TM Forum to independently verify and certify how well your business processes and information models align with the industry standards found in Frameworx.


Digital Transformation Asia Operations Area [View full size image]. NetFlow Version 5 on a Router. Digital Business Ecosystems Fundamentals Course onsite. Billing collects usage data records accountingvarious rating functions, and billing operations. Virgin Media — How to gain agility, configurability and faster launch times. The Business Process Framework eTOM is a standard maintained by the TM Forum[1] an association for service providers and their suppliers in the telecommunications and entertainment industries.

How to Process Data Records. The TeleManagement Forum TMF is a nonprofit global consortium that works on telecommunications management and the development baaics management systems and standards. These are responsible for monitoring, analyzing, and controlling operational services, as well as detecting, analyzing, and localizing service problems.

Device and Link Performance.

How to Collect Data Records. It gathers and distributes management data between devices and service instances. Architectural and Framework Standards: Engage TM Forum to independently verify and certify how well your business processes and information models align with the industry standards found in Frameworx.

Not sure if your company is a member? It was basucs supposed to serve as a basis for discussing the etomm of information management necessary for the execution of the processes. ZTE Corporation — Mapping a scalable smart-city solution. Later the name was changed to TeleManagement Forum.


About the Technical Reviewers. Applying the Information to the Business. Assurance consists of proactive and reactive maintenance activities, service monitoring SLA or QoSresource status and performance monitoring, and troubleshooting.

The Business Process Framework is an operating model framework for telecom service providers in the telecommunications industry. Within these two, the emphasis is on assurance and billing, because neither fulfillment nor OSR is related to accounting and performance:. Digital transformation opens new markets.

Business Process Framework (eTOM)

A course attendance certificate is issued on satisfactory completion of the course. Only employees of current TM Forum member companies are eligible to take the exam. Implementations on the Cisco Devices.