With contrapuntal intelligence, SmartScore differentiates up to 4 voices per staff. Apply a Not sure which Edition of SmartScore is right for you? Finale Users. How do I scan in sheet music to Finale. have the older version, as a Finale owner, you can purchse SmartScore X2 Pro for half price, $ I understand that Finale 25 will no longer support scanning. You can upgrade SmartScore Lite from to SmartScore X2 Pro for $

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It’s important that attach your scanned. Scan each page between and dpi in Grayscale or “Document” mode. We will analyze your files and get back to you right away. SmartScore will automatically calculate the appropriate resizing amount. This may result in undersized or oversized score when processed by SmartScore.

TIF file that gave you trouble. Be advised that it may take up to 3 days to receive a reply. First thing to do if you are running Windows We prefer you zip them together first if possible.

Finale to SmartScore X2 Upgrade Page

Precise resolution means better accuracy Higher resolutions do not necessarily equate to higher accuracy. In either case, you will need to follow these guidelines:. Finale will open the score you processed and saved in SmartScore. TOP Recognition accuracy is not what I expected.


All-in-One scanners have their own special issues Push “OK” to apply. I select “Save As and Open in Finale” but nothing happens. Reduce pages of the original fianle using a large-format page copier. It could be your scanner was “dithering”. You will be able to install your copy of SmartScore up to 5 times from both download and CD installers.

Scan from inside SmartScore if possible. Do a search for the word “smartscore”. Using SmartScore’s Image Editor can correct most scanning errors. Do I need to be online to install SmartScore? If you have recognition or editing issue, we will probably need your source.

How do Fjnale reactivate it? Smarttscore your problem relates to an editing issue, send the SmartScore.

Contacting Technical Support:

The procedure is simple but must be followed correctly. I need to reinstall SmartScore. Your musicshould look exactly as it did in SmartScore. For personalized assistance, you may communicate with Tech Support by phone. Two interactive snartscore of the Smartscore manual are also available electronically: Make sure symbols, especially note stems and barlines, are thick and well-defined.


SmartScore Lite Upgrade Comparison Chart

TOP Music font problems: This bug appeared after we released Phone support may not always be available during those s,artscore The closer the manuscript resembles printed music, the better the recognition will be.

But we can not guarantee the kind of accuracy you would obtain with printed sheet music. The online Musitek Forum is a great resource for solving smartsxore issues. Is you scan dithered? You can install SmartScore 5 times before having to e-mail us for more installations.

It is preferable to scan from SmartScore’s own scanning interface for several reasons: Change “Orientation” fromm “Portrait” to “Landscape”. Re-scan with “Reverse Image” selected in SmartScore interface. XML file you saved. Please review ” Scanning outside SmartScore “. The file will convert and open in the Image Editor.

Do a search for the word “Chopin”.