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Direct Filing Addresses for Form ID, Consideration of. Form ID, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals version of Form ID on our website or USCIS will reject your form. Application for Temporary Protected Status. Department of Homeland Security. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. USCIS. Form I

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Simply enter your passport details here. Write your marital status. Indicate whether or not you have left the U. Newer Post Older Post Home.

This must be where you actually live. Make sure to keep copies of the application and any supporting documents you prepare. Also, if you have a valid DACA approval but left the US without advanced paroleyou must consult an attorney before filing for renewal because you may have violated terms of your approval and could be rejected. This is usually the country were you were born and issued you a passport. Fill in your date of birth in the appropriate format matching the date listed on your birth certificate, passport, or other official identification documents.

Lines 3a through 3c: If you have ever been arrested in the U. For renewal, you only need to provide trips after being approved previously. Citizen and is now a well-known and respected immigration lawyer in NJ. Fill out each question completely and accurately. Just remember that you must prove that you meet all the requirements in order to get DACA. Social Security Number, put it here. Also, if you reference a document include a copy.

If so, write that number here. You will need to provide those details in this section. Consult with an immigration attorney first. By signing this form you are requesting U. In this example, the applicant is DACA approved and took three trips the third trip must be listed in part 8 using AP.

  DVR - 3016-3T PDF

Dreamers Are Us: USCIS Form ID Travel Information

For each item that you are explaining, list the page number found in the bottom right-hand corner of each sheetthe part number, and the item or line number to which you are referring. Use Part 8, if you need more room. Write frm full legal name as it appears on your passport, birth certificate, or identification card.

Enter your current mailing address. Write where you are currently a citizen or national. This is where you attorney puts his or her information.

If you i821r ANY trips abroad during this period you should be speak to an immigration attorney before you forrm. You must not pose a threat to national security or public safety. Fill in the address where you currently live and since when have you lived there. If your answer is no to the question about leaving the United States without an advanced parole approvalyou must consult a lawyer and not file an application on your own.

This section asks questions about each of these issues.

How to Fill Out Form ID – Law Offices of Michael D. Baker

Just enter the date of departure and arrival and a brief reason for the trip. If you are in proceedings now, 5f asks for the last date you appeared in immigration court check your documents and the city and state i821x the court is located 5g. You must prove when you left, when you returned, and the reason for your departure. If you have multiple Surnames like those in K821d and South America a school or court may have used only one of those names but not both.


Residence and Travel Information.

Write where you were born. Do so even if an attorney helped you prepare the form. Check all the boxes that apply.

Filling Out Form I-821D, “Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”

If you are a Mexican national and were legally admitted to the U. Include at least one telephone number and an email address if you have one in Lines You can only have had brief trips abroad.

Ideally, you should have stayed continuously in the United States since June 15,but the Obama Administration is forgiving short absences if they were for a good cause e. If you have had a border crossing card, enter the number i821v the box. Sign and date Lines 2a-2b yourself, even if someone else helped you with this form.

If there is any question on this form that you did not have the space to answer fully and completely, use Part 8 to do so.

Call Now If you have any questions, to speak to our knowledgeable staff call If you are divorced or widowed it is always a good idea to include a copy of the divorce decree or death certificate. Information about You Lines 1 and 2: