In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and . Francis Parker Yockey completed Imperium. The formidable task of. Francis Parker Yockey (18 September – 16 June ) was an American philosopher and polemicist, best known for his neo-Spenglerian book Imperium. Francis Parker Yockey (—), alias Ulick Varange, was an American Nazi His book Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics.

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While Yockey saw many things to come, other arising forces he could not see, like the cryptocracy.

Phil rated it liked it Jan 07, It comes off as a rambling, often vague combination of attack and prophecy. Yockey felt that American universalism, democracy, and consumer culture, which was by then spreading into western Europe and much of the rest of the world, as well as its alliance with Zionismwas far more corrosive and deadly to the true spirit of the West than was the Soviet Union.

Frederich rated it it was amazing Jan 16, James Stevenson rated it really liked it Shelves: The Political Pluriverse Chapter Titles Authors Subjects Support. Yockey’s present influence is reflected mostly through the work of Willis Carto and his Liberty Lobby and successor organizations.


It’s certainly long-winded, and probably better written than the usual run of ranting manifestos. To ask other readers questions about Imperiumplease sign up. Writing after WW-2, Yockey wanted to revive the core ideas and worldview of National Socialism without actually calling himself a neo-Nazi or mentioning Hitler by name. Community Saloon bar To do list What is going on?

Francis Parker Yockey – Wikiquote

The European New Right. So, on the whole, the thesis of a western euro empire is impsrium really tenable. Eventually, he yociey fired for “abandonment of position” in November Brook Benton rated it it was amazing Oct umperium, Subsequently, Yockey’s mother introduced him to classical music.

It is dedicated to ‘The hero of the twentieth century’; allegedly, he intended that description to apply to Adolf Hitler. The Origins of America Chapter These works are published as a public service, under the terms of the Fair Use provisions of US copyright law.

The Meaning of Facts Chapter 5: The book’s Chicago-born author, Francis P. To make it long story short, it’s brilliant, but departs from the Bible. Damon Brand rated it it was amazing Aug 01, He worked briefly for the Egyptian Information Ministrywriting anti-Zionist propaganda. External links Twitter Facebook Discord. In lateYockey traveled to Prague and witnessed the Prague Trials.

Francis Parker Yockey

Open Preview See a Problem? The men of this generation must fight for the continued existence of the West How ironic that Yockey’s dream of a united Europe is coming true, imperiuum his schedule Unfazed by the defeat of the Axis in the Second World WarYockey actually became even more active in neo-Fascist causes after An Estimate of the World Situation”.


Introduction to Part II Chapter Most European and American neo-Fascists and other rightists of the post-war period advocated an alliance with the United States as the best hope for the survival of Western culture under the threat of communism, but Yockey felt that an alliance of the right with the left was a far more desirable course.

A lunatic Chaplin imitator and his greatest fans Nazism First as tragedy A. This proposed alliance is referred to as a Red-Brown Alliance the color red representing the far-left and the color brown representing the far-right.

The Civilization-Crisis Chapter 9: Sarah Noble rated it it was ok Jan 08, Race, People, Nation, State Chapter The American Revolution of Chapter The Terror Chapter Subjective Meaning of Race Chapter Smithand James H. Imperium deals with doctrinal matters as w This is Yockey’s famous masterpiece.