Find A Center The Attaining Your Desires By Letting Your Subconscious Mind Work for You by Genevieve Behrend Library Home – Genevieve. Genevieve Behrend is Thomas Troward’s only pupil and was very well versed in the Law of Attraction and in the power of positive thinking. Attaining Your. Attaining Your Desires by Genevieve Behrend can be read for free at – the free Library of Metaphysical New Thought Books and Texts.

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Absolute mental thought control is the one and only thing which is necessary for you to do, to be, or to have what you want. To ask other readers questions about Attaining Your Desiresplease sign up. Let that feeling register in your consciousness, and try to recall it at will. Troward for the household management. Suppose it is a house you desire. His after-dinner manner was one of quiet levity and a twinkling humor. Desire it took me an hour or more to get into the spirit attainihg his thought, the lesson was prolonged.

The Law of Divine Compensation.

The law of your being your life is that you are nude in the image of God the Creative Power which brought you into existence because you are God’s very self specialized.

This unexpected inspiration thrills him through and through, not only because of its possibilities, but because of his feeling of assurance that it can be accomplished. It is the power of Life in man which originates, creates, directs, and forms. These variations in the exercise with the suggestions for introspection, which have been slightly changed, were taken from the best authority, as far as I know, along the lines of will-training, and I am positive will bring the attainment of a firm, strong will, and an intelligent use of it.


Fie joyously continued his walks, his meditation, and visualization, and finally the Universal Intelligence manifested in its specific form his mind by giving specific directions to bring the big idea into successful operation. After having acquired this refuge, it alone would not insure complete behremd.

The most perfect spiritual concept. But HOW shall one thing in his heart, so that only goodness may blossom and ripen into rich deed and rare result?

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The true order of these fundamental principles of life which you are endeavoring to understand does not require you to deny the reality of the existing physical world, or to call it an illusion.

If, then, your starting geevieve is in Heaven, you go back to Heaven and the Divine Power, and so get rid of the burden; but if your starting point is on earth i. Use them, share them and let us know how we can make them better.

Could his mind have captured this big idea without the help yokr a teacher? The best way to strengthen your will is to practice exercises for the sole purpose of strengthening the will, always remembering, while taking them, that your effort is for self-training and self- control, to the end that you many realize yourself as a part of the great universal whole. You mean that by making practical use of your suggestions, I will be able to attain practical results which will help not only myself but others also?

My present condition, however, seems beyond the control of any human being. Valeria Webb rated it it was amazing Aug 09, behren That would be the intelligent way of impersonally helping others to connect with their limitless attaininy. The weak will manifests in two phases: How to write a great review.

I magine yourself feeling a bit downcast, when suddenly you are handed a beurend with the news that the one person in the world attainnig you love the most is on his way to see you, and the messenger of some wonderful news!


Meditate upon the harmony you see expressed in nature and endeavor to apply it in your thought, and then express it.

He loved to study the tomes of sacred I ndian lore, or the scriptures of attaining Hebrews and of other ancient peoples. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. It is this supreme Intelligence manifested through you that guides your activities. The length of time required for the corresponding physical conditions to appear in the circle of your individual environment depends entirely upon your ability to recognize that your desired course is a normal, already existing, mental fact.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I had not been taught to think in this way.

Attaining Your Desires By Genevieve Behrend by Kathy Dobson – PDF Drive

Don’t forget that if you wish to view the original page scans, go to the library and click the yellow page scan link in the lower left hand corner of each page of the book. Did I believe it would really cultivate my will, or did I do it just because I was told to? It is, keep looking at God. Resires I followed, the personality of the man became obscure, and I was only conscious of the clear, commanding voice, and the light of the inward genevievw which he bore.

Find A Center The Gospels. The reciprocal action between your mind and the Parent Mind geneieve be compared with a tree and its branches.

Refuse to let your thought dwell on the injustice of your friend, for dwelling on it would only produce greater unhappiness for you.