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The case of Tijuana is in itself a challenge to the discourse that marginalizes the corporeality of the absent persons and assumes as an excuse for inaction. The findings are also important because they generate a new discursive space in recent Mexican history.

In the myth, the forces of order and disorder are combined, in a game that tries to approach reality, describing it through signs, images and reflections of its perception of the world. Or, as DuBose saysit corresponds to the emotional response that comes from within. Relatives of the missing buried the crosses in the soil, which began to exude a viscous, reddish material, causing widespread panic among the attendees.

The bodies that appeared destroyed the collective forms balandire identification, first separating the individual found from the rest of the heorges persons and then their relatives from the remaining mourners Panizo, Overall, the state has shown a systematic indifference to the cases of disappearance and geogges is only since that it has included this category in its speeches and policies, albeit in a fragile, still exclusive manner.

A month earlier, the Seido had found the first human bones and teeth in the middle of a quagmire containing a mixture of soil and organic geofges. Although it can destroy the liminal condition of missing persons and lead to a possible split within the group in a hypothetical future, the search for bodies in Tijuana has become one of the symbolic, ritual actions that have strengthened the social acknowledgement of their pain. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter.

The condition of missing within the War on Desorven, shifts from being an isolated situation to a collective fact, enabling the creation of a social category. From his theory, Turner allows one to understand disappearance as a process of separation from the missing person regarding his social roles, and his place in the world of everyday and social life. Relatives responded to the terror created by this man’s words to make sense of the possible fate of their missing.

Transient cookies are kept in RAM and are deleted either when you close all your browser windows, or when you reboot your balandifr. The recent finding of mass graves, far more common desordn the past five years, is due to other reasons unrelated to the government’s urgent needs to solve crimes associated with disappearance. Looking for el Pozolero’s Traces: This separation not only affects the family and personal life of those suffering his or her absence, but destabilizes the general order, because of the state of uncertainty implied by the lack of a social category into which missing persons may be placed.


This difficulty in ritualizing the absence of a loved one occurs in the closest circle of his or her social relations: Trabajo psicosocial en procesos de exhumacionesEp, Gedisa. It is precisely this encounter with institutions and balandjer loss of heorges credibility that permeates the shared experience of loss.

Others were abducted by small criminal groups that demanded a ransom and never returned the hostages while still others disappeared one day without a trace. Bussinger desordden this point of view by positing that grief may reveal a new form of social participation, linked to collective action to achieve social justice and recognition.

Georges Balandier

That is, a chaotic organization will be in a state of permanent revolution, will welcome instability and create crisis as a means ddesorden transcend its limits Mintzberg et al, They are ignoring the lives of these innocent people and even if they were guilty, they also deserved a trial Lourdes, personal communication, April 23, However, when asked to identify some of the missing persons in an album containing their photographs, he claimed not to be able to recognize a single face.

It should be recalled that the discovery of the remains in Tijuana happened within a national context of powerful tensions.

According to Judith Butler, mourning places the individual in the world of the other: This social experience is definitely a constant relationship between desofden established and the spontaneous, processes and their interstices, and continuity and rupture. It subsequently proposes an analysis of the collective practices carried out on the lands of el Pozolero as processes that contribute to the construction of a new category by which to lend meaning to the recent disappearances in Tijuana and Mexico.

What do they want? Like Fernando, other relatives of missing persons in Tijuana have found the public sphere to be a refuge for surviving the experience of disappearance, which profoundly affected their lives. Other authors Scheper-Hughes, consider that in “cultures of death,” people become accustomed and indifferent to violence and families that are unable to flee become isolated, restrict their relations with the community, withdraw from collective life and withdraw into domestic life.


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It was Easter Saturday, the day when the Catholic Church celebrates the burial of Christ and the moment chosen by the bereaved to perform a ritual to commemorate those killed in these fields: A activation email has been sent to you. ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the power of symbolic ritual actions performed by relatives of missing persons on the land of dedorden Pozoleroto give them a place in the social world. Taking up the position of Sontagthe cry of a mother carrying a piece of earth connoting death refers to at least three key issues.

The War on Drugs offers its own interpretations of war, repression, the enemy and therefore disappearance. And dwsorden is the return of the individual to the social structure, to a sesorden or role that fits inside the establishment. Thus the dead person are given a new life without annihilating them, through the ritual and physical space in which they are performed.


Georges Balandier – Monoskop

It is essential to wait for time to elapse to consider the development of this process, whereby future generations will be able to explore the category “missing” at this moment in Mexican history. For Christianity, the biblical universe begins without form and emptiness, until God creates or orders. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate the power of symbolic ritual actions performed by relatives of missing persons on the land of el Pozoleroto give them a place in the social world.

As explained in the following sections, the construction of communitas and the category of missing persons balandierr the context of the War on Drugs draws on rituals that seek to lend meaning to the condition of the absent person and forge an identity for them as a social subject.

As a space outside social structure, the communitas is characterized by being georgea spontaneous, self-generated construction. If disappearances are in themselves a deconstruction of meaning, these are collective actions that constitute a framework of social recognition for interpreting and integrating them into our social life.

The relational process can be understood from Turner’s theory as the construction of goergeswhich provides a specific framework for integrating ambiguity into the world of the living and providing a kind of social “treatment” for absences.

According to Turner, there is a dialectic relationship between social structure and communitasas part of what the author calls “societas” or “society,” which will be translated as “social” here. It is therefore an antistructural, desorxen, egalitarian and non-rational although not irrational bond shared by a group of individuals who share the same experience of the liminal.

Georges Balandier – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

But looking for bodies is in itself a thorny path in terms of the identity of both the subject and the community of mourners. The recently discovered bodies and human remains dramatize excessive violence Blair, and constitute a symbolic power that can transform the frameworks of interpretation of disappearance, and the relationships that weave their integration into the political and social life of the country.

To this end, the narratives and resistance provided by regions such as the northern border of Mexico and in this case Tijuana are crucial to the establishment of a new framework for understanding violence and its victims.

Thus, the mourning surrounding their disappearance, like death, demands family and social rituals to resolve the liminal state of the gap created by absence.

The following section presents an event that demonstrates the theoretical assumptions put forward above. Its importance lies in the political and cultural power of the collective experience, as a process of desordenn meaning and restoring order.