provides services of Ghat Ramayan in Hindi in pdf, Read Ghat Ramayan in Hindi, Free Downlaod Ghat Ramayan in Hindi, Ghat. Posts about ghat ramayan written by SantMatRadhasoami. The Ghat Ramayana (Ramayana of the body) was written by Goswami Tulsidasji. It was not really appealing to the masses (particularly the.

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Radha Soami (Part 1) – Ghat Ramayan (Tulsidas of Hath Ras)

December 13, “Soul is love personified. Though there are many myths about the creation of this holy book ” Ghat Ramayan ” and its author Sant Ramayn Sahab. In fact, both were not the same person. Shruti bund sindh milaap, aap adhar chadhi chaakhiyaa.

Who would cut throats to have meat… twitter.

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The so-called book ” Ghag Ramayan ” has been altered by some persons for some unwanted advantages in the course of time. Tulsee nirakh dekhi nij nainaa, koi koi sant parakhihain bainaa.

Sat surat samajhi sihaar saadhau, nirakhi nit nainan rahau. In the light of inner wisdom, meditation practices and vast self study, Maharshi Mehi arrived at the following points: December 24, “Thou hast showed us that which the eye has not seen, and caused us to hear that which the human ear December 19, santmat: The first shutter within our inner is hard and impenetrable darkness.

Tag Cloud 3d audio A. To be free from this pain of rqmayan, take rxmayan of the Surat in such a way that she be liberated from all miseries by concentrating through untrue realms, and freeing from this untrue sphere and thus attaining the innate natural and pure form of Supreme Sovereign God.


Jab bal bikal dil dekhi birhin, guru milan maarag dayee. Mystic Wisdom from Rural India: The practice of holding Surat consciousness-force will begin from Ramzyan Jap a meditation process in which an alphabetical holy word instructed by Guru is muttered repeatedly closing the eyesand then Maanas Dhyaan a meditation process in which holy form of Sadguru is concentrated over by closing the eyes and then Bindu Dhyaan Drishti Saadhan, Yoga of vision and then at last Surat Shabda Yoga the Yoga of Divine Sound gradually.

Aalee adhar dhaar nihaar nij kai, nikari sikhar chaDhaawahin. Maheshwari Translation at the Internet Archive: December 30, “Kabeer says, the dinner of ramaysn and rice is gamayan when flavored with salt. Then she will move ahead grasping the notes sounds ramyan the flute spiritual material sounds by knowing the proper method. Best Viewed with resolution x in Internet Explorer 5.

The complete preface facts and analysis done by Maharshi Mehi to prove the truth about Ghat Ramayan and Sant Tulsi Sahab will be uploaded as soon as the translation work reaches towards completion.

December 23, “Thou ghwt showed us that which the eye has not seen, and caused us to hear that which the human ear He has excellently analyzed the facts and extracted the essence eliminating the multiple propagated myths in the very similar way like bees sit many flowers, collects the juices and produce pure honey. Sakhi seekh suni guni gaanthi baandhau, Thaat That satsang karai. December 30, “Even a little meditation brings lots of peace, he who practices knows about it.


Satguru agam sindhu sukhdaayee, jin sat raah reeti darsaayee. Baba Kehar Singh, commentary on the Ghat Ramayan. Sat surat samajhi sihaar saadhau, nirakhi nit nainan rahau.

December 17, santmat: December 20, santmat: December 28, “Kabeer says, the dinner of beans and rice is excellent when flavored with salt. When the Surat consciousness-force will experience the miracles of Brahma within own body while crossing the concealment of darkness, tamayan she Surat will immerse always in the love of Supreme Sovereign God. You can only find and experience within When we concentrate and come behind the eyes [to the Third Eye], the soul will retrace and rise to the higher realms.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sant Tulsi Sahab keeps an eminent position in the Santmat Dynasty of the recent era.

bhawarth sahit ghat ramayan

Sethi Translation at the Internet Archive: December 14, santmat: Aalee paar palang bichhaayi palpal, lalak piu sukh paawahin. Tulsi Sahib says that everything will be seen inside the body.

Sant Tulsi Sahab says, “Grasp and examine that current internal divine sound which leads to this Ultimate State, only then mind will be diving in the true thoughts of abovesaid inner journey.