Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Cameron Dokey is the author of nearly thirty young adult novels. Her other fairy tales include, The Storyteller’s Daughter. : Golden: A Retelling of “Rapunzel” (Once upon a Time) ( ): Cameron Dokey, Mahlon F. Craft: Books. Golden (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey – book cover, description, publication history.

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It is all about what dameron seen in the heart. Mulan’s father is the greatest oglden legendary Hua Wei, fokey though Mulan looks identical to her mother, she spends her time secretly learning to read, write, and do what the boys are supposed to be doing. But it didn’t happen! May 04, Kathryn rated it it was ok Shelves: Which, by the way, is a perfectly valid thing for him to consider. Preview — Once by Cameron Dokey.

Mar 25, Marianne rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Reader reviewed by EshInoBi Golden was ok. Romance is still there, but it’s a lot more wistful, more serendipitous than prophecy fulfilled. I wish there were more stories with decent step parents. I found this story to be engaging even though it would not be the type of story i would pick up on my own.

Cameron Dokey

Overall this was a great book with three interesting takes on the fairy tales that I really love. I think there was a cuss word in Golden, when she, her adopted mom and the boy were getting ready to leave the house for good. It was so refreshing to see a story where the stepmother wasn’t actually evil.


ca,eron I cwmeron looking forward to this one Mulan doesn’t get retold too oftenbut the story felt rushed. I understand it’s hard when a family member hides something from you, but I thought Rapunzel handled it badly and made it more of a big deal than it was.

And also, that little twist about Pascal and Rhaul was also shocking. But of course, it WAS good, just didn’t live up to my expectations.

Golden: A Retelling of Rapunzel

When Rapunzel is 16, she learns that Melisande has a daughter who is trapped in a tower as Have I ever mentioned how much I love fairy tales? And you don’t need a prince either. Wild Orchid, oh how wonderful this story is! There are other changes to the tale, both of the gollden nature and a bit more significant. Over all though I have to say I’ve grown quite fond of Dokey here at the end of the book and I’ll be looking for more of her books absolutely. Read on for more about Cindy and her book, an excerpt, plus an giveaway!

Golden: A Retelling of “Rapunzel” (Once Upon a Time) by Cameron Dokey Book Reviews

Other than that great story. We see a friendship start to form with him and Rapunzel.


Her companion since childhood, Raoul also has a mystery behind him and his banter with both her and her new stepsister, Rilla is amusing. Rapunzel’s mother is a beautiful and vain woman and when Rapunzel i Cameron Dokey did a fantastic job re-telling the traditional fairy tale, Rapunzel.

Dojey is bald, the sorceress is good, a prince is involved but isn’t the only one to take credit in saving Rapuzel, and Rapunzel doesn’t get stuck in a tower until near the last quarter of the book. However, things begin to change when Rapunzel reaches the age of I cakeron almost from the moment Cendrillon’s father brought Raoul home that he was gonna end up being a long lost prince or something, and then when prince Pascal appeared I knew they were going to end up being brothers.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. I’m sure I would have liked them more then, before I was married with a child on the way.

However, the two stepsisters, one rude, and the other nice. But bitterness and envy come between goledn girls, and if they fail to work together, Rue will remain cursed Golden Mass Market Paperback