GRC SAP BusinessObjects Access Control – Implementation and. Configuration SAP Governance, Risk, and Compliance. Date Training Center Instructors. GRC – SAP Access Control Implementation and Configuration | SAP TRAINING SAP BusinessObjects Access Control Solution:SAP BusinessObjects. A 2 days overview for the new release of SAPGRC (BusinessObjects Governance, Risk, and GRC SAP Access Control Implementation and Configuration.

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But Sometimes is allows reset many times a day for acceess user. Define workflow-related MSMP rules. We have defined our BASIS system as the master user source and when we try to run a user analysis on our CRM system, the analysis is showing the right result except for the user group of the user.

Schedule and view background jobs. Also the SoD files also have been uploaded successfully. I have an idea what the problem might be so experimenting and no luck so far but any advice would be highly appreciated and thank you businessobjectx again for taking the time out to read this.

Thus, try to relate every topic with the real-time business scenario while you are preparing. For new customers implementing Access Control, the rules contained qnd these support packs gr300 the most recent version of the delivered ruleset.

I would like to know if anyone has faced similar issues and have found any solutions. Emergency Access Management setup. The SAP offers certification for associate, professional, and master levels, they have defined this certification levels considering the candidate’s actual experience and domain expertise. PSS is configured and is working fine except very few cases.


Please help me regarding this.

GRC Governance Risks and Compliance: SAP GRC Exam Information

Action Number of Active rules: Is there somewhere else that this user needs to reside in order to be properly added to this table? Use role mining to consolidate roles. I’ve read thisthisthis and this thread from SCN along with others not worth mentioning. If we now place a request type “New Account” for both action “Create User” and “Role assignment” an approval for Manager Stage is required twice by the same Manager: The issue that I’m having is that when I add these users to the Access Control Owners table, the username is not displayed under the ‘Owners’ column as displayed in the screenshot below:.

Contact us about this article. There is another good reference book which you must hold to prepare better. Will you please guide how can i activate the “rules” for the uploaded risk??

Installation Checklist for Access Control Any idea on how to enhance this scenario? There is one point of interest though, from the AC Maintain risks and critical access rules. This will not only help you in solving the question well, but it helps you to master the syllabus.


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Can any one help me regarding this. Make sure that you follow to this roadmap to success in the SAP certification. The RFC connector has been created and tested, with the connection working but there may still a problem – I don’t know.

I removed the risk from the mitigating control and approved the deletion but when I check the mitigating control the risk still appears in the mitigating control. Mitigated one user and then removed from mitigation assignment. The issue that Immplementation having is that when I add these users to the Access Control Owners table, the username is not displayed under the ‘Owners’ column as displayed in the screenshot below: Can I see my user report on basis of business role.

I checked around in the role definition but could not find ane.

I am stumped and appreciate all the help I can get. Removed any parameters not selected as per se advice from other threads. No Results for Risk Analysis yes another buusinessobjects of these threads! This exam validates that the candidate has a good and overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant.

All the background jobs have run successfully.