Review. Torn: The Missing, Book 4. by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Thirteen-year- old Jonah longs for a normal life again. Ever since he found. Torn by Margaret Peterson Haddix – Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to discover the Northwest Passage in this new installment of the New. Torn (The Missing) [Margaret Peterson Haddix] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Jonah and Katherine embark on a chilling journey to.

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See more by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Henry’s son, John, is one of the missing kids of time. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Surprisingly I found the ending quite satisfying. Children and Young Adult Literature portal.

Well, as in all of the Missing series, Haddix cleverly incorporates history into fiction to make the novel both educational and fun!

Jun 03, Alanna P rated it really liked it. JB sends Jonah and Gavin to the future, where they are forced to stay while they recover from their injuries. Jonah and his sister Katherine go back in time, following the story of explorer Henry Hudson and his son, John.

I really should stop reading more than one book at a time, but I just can’t help myself. JB tells him they are suspending time traveling for a while, because they have to learn more about how much Second messed up time and his new version of time.

It tells the tale of when Jonah and his sister Kathrine suddenly get sent towhere Henry Hudson and his crew are trying to find the northwest passage. See full terms and conditions and this month’s choices. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. This book has actually tough me a thing or two about boats and sailing, even though I’ll probably never use this knowledge. Jonah and Katherine knew they were going back in time, but they didn’t realize that their only way of communication with J.


Mar 27, Sabrina rated it liked it. Katherine is turned invisible because there were no girls on that ship. I have become a very analytical reader. He follows through with the deal, but he is working against them while they are trying to help him, so they should be more careful with who they trust.

The Missing Collection by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Found was released on April 22, Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Skip to content Ms.

April always has a book on hand. Jonah must take on the role of John Hudson to fix time. Haddix has a remarkable way of drawing readers in to this incredible tale of exploration through two beautifully crafted characters in the form of adolescent time yaddix. Sign up and get a free eBook! They are then adopted by families in the 21st century.

Torn | Book by Margaret Peterson Haddix | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

torh Preview — Torn by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And this good is not that good nor so bad but still good view spoiler [there are two version of realities already!

I was relieved that I had already read it and would not have to scramble to add it to my to-read pile. If you have not read Found, Sent and Sabotaged, read on at your own risk! Who and haddi good readers. The setting wasn’t my favorite either. Price may vary by retailer. Jonah and Katherine are locked in a struggle to uncover Jonah’s identity after finding out that Jonah is a person who was otherwise well known on earth. The character development of Jonah and Katherine was better, you can notice the book becoming more mature.


Unfortunately for me but wonderful for my students, there are now 8 books in this series. Sep 26, Becca rated it liked it.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. She works for a torb. Trivia About Torn The Missing Sign In Don’t have an account?

As Mileva enters the apartment, she bumps into Jonah, who has commanded his Elucidator to make him and Katherine invisible; he drops the device, which has made itself look like a compass to disguise itself, and Mileva picks it up. Built on the Genesis Framework. A mutiny takes place on the ship, haddid Discoverysoon after they arrive, and they, along with Hudson and his officers, are banished into the cold bay.

The book ends with Brendan and Antonio asking him to play a game with them and JB tells Jonah to go on and have fun. I am really enjoying this series.

I admire the fact that Jonah would go out of his way to help others in their time of need. Sep 12, Abby rated it it was amazing. So it sounds like you did enjoy the fourth book?

Torn (The Missing, Book 4), by Margaret Peterson Haddix, 2011, Book Review

December 9, at 2: This boat happens to be Henry Hudson’s boat. Hopefully the next novel will have more interest, I find that if Haddix chooses a perhaps more interesting time in history and place the novel will be much more satasfying.

Is this the end of time as we know it? But instead of the original version they remember, the boat returns for them, led by the first mate.