Hamid Naficy, the Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani Professor in the School of Communication, is a scholar of Iranian cinema and exile and diaspora in media. Hamid Naficy, Northwestern University, Radio, Television Film Department, Faculty Member. Studies Anthropology, Media Studies, and Film Studies. View Hamid Naficy Research Papers on for free.

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Hamid Naficy

You must obtain permission directly from the owner of the image. Situating film within its sociopolitical context, Hamid Naficy covers the period leading up to the Constitutional Revolution and continues after the Islamic Revolution, examining questions about modernity, globalization, Islam, and feminism along the way.

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For book covers to accompany reviews, please contact the publicity department. A few recent efforts have been undertaken by scholars to engage in in-depth research on domestic development within Iran. I can only conclude my review by emphasizing what I said in my opening comment: Help Center Find new research papers in: Quarterly Review of Film and Video. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Satiric Traversals in the Comedy of Mehran Modiri: Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Iran. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The journal draws on a variety of theoretical and historiographic approaches from the humanities and social sciences. Jun 5, Publication Name: After making a family in the United States, Naficy kept an eye on the cinema of his home country, writing many famous books on the always-powerful and evolving Iranian film culture and about the exile conditions in which he found himself.


Hamid Naficy ‘accented style’ revisited through five films about North African and Middle Eastern diaspora: Ideological and Spectatorial Formations more. This sophticated tour de force of Iranian cinema reveals a deep understanding, appreciation, and love for Iranian cultural sensibilities The story is more nuanced than many about Iran and America relations, and it bridges the two countries lately seen as polar opposites.

Views Read Edit View history. Islamizing Film Culture in Iran more. Anthropology and American Anthropologist. To be filmed in Iran and Chicago. Skip to main content. Enter the email address you signed hamld with and we’ll email you a reset link. His book An Accented Cinema: This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat In addition, he has lectured widely nationally and internationally and his works have been cited and reprinted extensively and translated into many languages.

Sign up for Subject Matters email updates to receive discounts, new book announcements, and more. Iranian, but with a Different Accent more. In addition to his books and essays, Naficy has hsmid many educational films and experimental naticy, [5] [6] hsmid organized numerous symposia and lecture series, [8] [9] [10] participated in major international film festivals, [11] [12] curated film series, and initiated the annual Iranian film festivals in Los Angeles in and in Houston in And yet, despite some irresistable and justifiable urge to update the materials, I often found myself keep the whole thing as it was- not in a sense that nothing aged in it but more because of the way the peculiar time-space constellation from which I designed the whole course is still somehow kept alive in it.


The Globalizing Era, — All Certainties Melt into Thin Air more. We can pay for animation treatment of Hamid’s sketches, animated titles, and other haficy graphics.

This documentary is about an American, an Iranian, a film scholar, and a father.

Cinematic representations of a fast-modernizing Iran were encouraged, the veil was outlawed, and dandies flourished. Help Center Find new research papers in: The Velvet Light Trap more.

Hamid Naficy | Northwestern School of Communication

The Making of Exile Cultures: I discovered that Hamid lives just outside of Chicago, only one hour south of Milwaukee. Race and Television in the United States. Kickstarter is not a store. Higher EducationEducational Broadcastingand Developing nations.

Naficy was born in Isfahan, Iran in Hamid just turned 71, and no one has ever made a film about this man who helped a new generation of Iranian filmmakers reach for their dreams, introducing Iranian cinema to a wider audience in the West by establishing controversial and popular annual film festivals in Los Angeles and Houston.

Phobic Spaces and Hamd Panics more. His areas of research and teaching include these topics as well as documentary and ethnographic cinemas.