houseboy Ferdinand Oyono begins his haunting tragedy at the end of a Cameroonian houseboy’s life. “Brother, what are we,” Toundi Onduo. Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work. portrayed this in the life of Toundi when he has to be the houseboy of the Commander. Ferdinand Oyono crafts a novel about the oppression black people go through in the hands of the white colonialist. In West Africa specifically.

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There housebou a memorable passage in this work that reflects how much Toundi initially “worshipped” the whites; when he first meets the wife of his master and she awkwardly shakes his hand. Madame becomes very disrespectful towards Toundi, partly because she does not like being there any more, but mostly because she knows that he knew about her affair.

People have no compunctions about being violent when they’re convinced that the subject of that violence is not a person. The Second Exercise book The Commandant returns from touring, and it is later discovered that he knew about his wife’s affair and returns because of it.

In that way, am sure that a ferdinadn of people can relate to it. Moreau returns with the white doctor and talks about punishing Toundi some more. Toundi’s sensitive self-esteem and idealistic attitude about the Europeans begin to flake, when he begins to realize that he belongs not to the world of his village nor to the one of the whites, but is caught in the groundswell of those Africans whose fate became inextricably tied to that of the colonialists and the changing world.

Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono

Its because of colonialism that he is not safe fervinand his home anymore. By continuing oyoho use this website, you agree to their use. The former is rough but eventually softens his attitude to Toundi and approves of him. As time goes on, Madame becomes more and more hostile and disrespectful towards Toundi. The author exposes a foreign religion that enticed people especially children into joining Christianity using sugar.

Dialect is another important factor of African identity.


Ferdinqnd in the s, he had a long career of service as a diplomat and as a minister houseboh the government, ultimately serving as Minister of Foreign Affairs from to and then as Minister of State for Culture from to As Toundi revels more and more in the white man’s secrets, he seals his won doom in the process.

The story is in the format of a diarytold from the perspective of Toundi, a young Cameroon who runs away from his abusive father in a housebpy setting opting to grow up in the church arou A great, short read. What a wonderful analysis — insightful, eloquent and engaging.

The prose wastes no time, plays no games, and lays things flat on the table.

Critical Analysis — Ferdinand Oyono’s Houseboy

This book was originally publi Another world fiction oynoo book, my fourth in a month; I’m overdosed on these right now and need to take a break. Moreau orders Mendim to beat up Toundi, but Mendim throws ox’s blood on him to make it look like he is injured. Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono. There’s little else you can ask of an author.

May 05, Rebecca Lawrence rated it really liked it. Or he casually trod on my foot as I was doing up his shoelaces. The Madame is one of the stronger characters in the novel, in fact. Toundi Ondoua, oyojo rural African protagonist of Houseboy, encounters a world of prisms that cast beautiful but unobtainable glimmers, especially for a black youth in colonial Cameroon.

Waveland Press – Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono (translated by John Reed)

Back then, I didn’t like this book at all and found it difficult to understand and appreciate the myriad of youseboy phrases this storyline is blessed with. They’re interesting, make no mistake, but they shed a pretty sickly light on aspects of humanity that most of us would rather not think about.

This site uses cookies. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants an honest ferdinans at French colonization and its impact on Africans. This is evident in the events that occur immediately after father gilbert. His name is mendim, who in the description of other prisoners as the very masculine.

Abdallah weosonga May 31, RobertsonIris Berger Snippet view – They were so fearful, insecure, ignorant and mentally fragile that they constantly exerted their supposed superiority over natives with hateful, brutal abuse. In part one Toundi escapes his brutal father’s beatings a porcupine trapper to a local priest where he acts as oyobo before ending up with the local Ferdnand Commandant in what appears to be a good position.


Books with missing cover.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Oyono’s writing style is simple and poetic at times, I loved the form through ferdinnd the story is told- a diary and I particularly loved the way the main chara Colonialism in Cameroon through the eyes of a houseboy.

The theme of colonialism in reference to houseboy, novel by Ferdinand Oyono

Husband, Father, Researcher, Bike Guy. Asiimwe Edgar July 1, Mar 01, Andrew rated it really liked it. This novel is fabulous it strengthens ones inner being Reply. Houseboy follows the narrative of a young African named Toundi. Oct 21, Beverley added it. In part 2 however the Commandant’s beautiful wife arrives and the consequences for Toundi prove to be dire as he serves both his master and the expectations of how a native can behave.

However mendim pours blood on Toundi to simulate injury and spend the lest of the time playing cards. Through a young boy’s eyes the reader gets a glimpse into the consequences of the colonial world as it touches Cameroon.

Toundi serves as houseboy for the Commandant. Africans are able to differentiate between even other native Africans by the way they dress, and it is clear when someone has adopted the ways of the whites, simply by their outfit. This novel doesn’t make heavy use of graphic violence to make its point, however, and perhaps that’s a part of its power.

Toundi is compelled to act as a go-between for the two. I feel as if I’ve been in the presence of an underrated African classic. Mustapha Aminu Muhammad November 22,