Destinations take a bit of time to set up, but save time in the long run in certain steps show how to configure a link using a named destination. To create bookmarks. Click the Set bookmarks to be transferred from Word documents during PDF creation. Click Edit and choose Use Named Destination. I’m trying to add a named destination to an existing PDF using iTextSharp, but the example code I’ve found online has not worked (the original example is in.

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Destinations can be used in the same document you intend to use for linking, or in a target document. The following code example shows how to add named destination to the bookmarks in the PDF document. Add “TOC” ‘Assign the named destination to the bookmark bookmark. Please type your message and try again. Below is the code I’m using, New Text Document.

Client has document with s of named destinations and that many documents referencing them Move your curser to the right of the PDF, in the ro pane. Acrobat 8 Professional includes the Destination feature, used to name a linking or bookmarking location.

The first step is the same as the normal linking process, just copying the link. I am trying to find out how to attach a link to text. I think I was able to solve my problem using a different approach.


How do I set a destination in a PDF using acrob | Adobe Community

Consider using topic names, or base the destination on the heading names, as is common practice with simple namefdest. By definition, a destination is simply a label attached to a specific location and view in a document. Post as a guest Name. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. You can leave a comment below for the author of this tutorial. Below it is a series of attempts I made.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. By adding a named destination, you can open the PDF with the desired location and magnification. Sign up using Facebook. In the target document, double-click the desired destination in the Destinations panel. Support Forum Download ‘.

No, Named Destinations are not something that is called something different on the UI. Alas, your perfectly linked document no longer points to the right locations, and you have to laboriously test and re-link.

Are they just calling it something different? Support for a single desktop browser in a world of tablets seems a bit myopic.

Choose your Destination

Name”, 1, destination ; stamper. Double-click the link with the Link tool to open the Link Properties dialog box.

This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments. Sign up using Email and Password. Open Publish Back to the future! This will open the Destinations pane.

namrddest Assuming you have a document that has bookmarks in it. According to the Evince help, one can open a PDF at the location of a “named destination”: A word of caution: It is the same as linking to any webpage. You use destinations as the specified locations for links and bookmarks. This would generally be the form of a hyperlink address, for example, set in a shape in a map or in the home page menu. Destinations set in a layered drawing are useful to create a list of links to show different elements of the drawing instantly.


Help us improve this page Correct inaccurate or outdated content Please provide additional information. Am I doing something wrong? Make sure that the name does not have any spaces as it makes it easier to link to afterwards.

Working with Named Destination

Post as a guest Name. Define the link characteristics. LibreOffice is free and Open Source software, download from: Manually navigate namesdest the PDF for the desired location, and magnification.

The following code snippet illustrates the same. This works at least in my evince version 3. Or, specify destinations in your target files and then create links and bookmarks.