Wat is PDF Art HP 8552B PDF

HP 8552B PDF

Find great deals for Hewlett Packard HP B Spectrum Analyzer – If Section. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Hpb Spectrum Analyzer If Section. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for HP Agilent Mainframe T Display a Spectrum Analyzer RF b If Section. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Hewlett Packard HP 8552B Spectrum Analyzer – If Section

In any case, the control inputs from the RF Section are summed and combined by Ul, U2 and associated circuitry. Do not use a high -power soldering iron on etched circuit boards. The instant solder is melted, use pliers to pull lead free of boaurd.

The horizontal amplifiers provide push-pull drive to the CRT horizontal circuits.

V dB at dB; V A12R14 toR: The adjustment procedures are arranged in numerical order. Buying used equipment doesn’t always have to be a 8552g in the dark.

Modulation Frequencies for Checking Scan Time.

Proceed to waveform B. Each test is arranged so that the specifica- tion is written 8552g as it appears in the Table of Specifications. The LC Filter circuits30 and 10 kHz bandwidths are peaked and centered. Change parts list of A7 assembly to the list of Table A6C13 15 Adjusts scan time at 0. Set the signal generator output to dBm.


The 8552bb five digits form the sequential suffix that is unique to each instrument.

Spectrum Analyzer System T / B Equipment Hewlett-Pack

Set Analyzer controls as follows: Check light bulbs on Service Sheet If 88552b of specifications change both resistors. All Calibrated as of Yesterday. The 10 kHz gain control is set so that the 10 kHz bandwidth has the same gain as the kHz bandwidth. FX0 met FLM 4.

HP B Manual | QRZ Forums

I have the DjVu file and yes, the images are pretty ordinary. The value of A6C13 to Module repair report Return Address label Tape for resealing box Open box carefully – it will be used to return defective module to HP. Yp voltages shown in the chart below are typical. Q4 provides temperature compensation.

The recommended procedure for replacing a factory -selected part is as follows: Checks and Adjustments Notable examples in the G1SLE workshop are: Operation of Q3, 8525b and Ql is identical to that described for Q4. If one fails, I’ll just buy a replacement unit. Signal should be about mV rms.


The dc levels eventually set the center frequency of the 47 MHz VTO — the 85552b will sweep it symmetrically about that fre- quency. Part Number of A7 to: For example, model number HP is now model number Agilent Change the diagram as shown in the partial Schematics, Figure and Test procedures follow descriptions of individual circuits.

Hp-8552b Spectrum Analyzer If Section

Check the remaining attenuator steps as follows: Proceed to test 5 Oscilloscope control settings: Bandwidth Selectivity cont’d 1. Inspect instrument for mechanical damage such as scratches, dents, broken knobs, or other defects. The output of the differential amplifier is split and applied to the emitter follower and, at a much lower level, to the base of the output half of the differential amplifier in the following stage.

Both waveforms BAD check A13, 16 and assoc- iated components. Bandwidth Selectivity If calibration cannot be accomplished, try the typical value shown in the parts list and repeat the test.