PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. By Myrna F. Jones. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 23 Nov Hymenolepis may refer to: Hymenolepis (plant) · Hymenolepis (tapeworm) · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar . 1. Science. Nov 23;68() PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. Jones MF. PMID:

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This cerebral complex corresponds roughly to that of Taenia crassicollis as given by Cohn The yolk gland yg is spherical or ovoid, 30 p. Osservazioni generali sul modo di adesione dei Cestodi alia parete in- testinale.

The opening of the vagina into the cloaca is ventral and posterior with respect to the cirrus. The accessory lateral nerves are very small and only occasionally evident in the segments, lying a short distance dorsal and ventral from the main nerves.

Cir- cular muscles are lacking, and the membrane of the cirrus pouch fig. Four individuals of this tapeworm were collected by me, March, iooi, from the rectum of a pintail duck, Daffla acuta, shot on the Missouri river near Columbia, Mo.

Hymenolepis carioca

The length ranges from 30 mm. The uterus develops in front of the yolk and shell glands, imme- diately dorsal to the ovary. This muscle layer, which is very heavy and prominent in the anterior segments fig. Ward I am hyymenolepis to Dr. A number of nerves extend forward from the same points. Bronn’s Klassen und Ordnungen des Thierreichs. Report upon the Present Knowledge of the Tapeworms of Poultry.


The foregoing facts, I believe, furnish a very good demonstration of the untenability of Cohn’s division of the genus. It is likely hymeholepis in many cases in which cilia have been described lining the cuticula-covered inner surface of the 11 i66 B.

yhmenolepis Between the first and second turns of the vas hymnolepis, dorsal to the cirrus pouch, there is an enlargement, the vesicula seminalis figs. Stiles for the op- portunity of comparing with my specimens one from the U. The uterus at first is simply a solid cord of cells fig. These two aggregations of fibers seem to serve the functions of retractors of the cirrus pouch and cirrus, respectively. Upon entering the cirrus pouch the vas deferens is much constricted fig.

He has thus bound together three groups of forms resembling each other only in the possession of armed suckers, and at the same time has sep- arated the group Davainea from other forms which bear close re- semblances to it in many respects, but do not have hooks upon the suckers.

The space between the middle two is filled with a granular mass, and potentially, as well as actually hymenoolepis some cases, caruoca two membranes, by close approximation, constitute but a single envelope. The remaining portions of the zones together correspond to the “polygonal commissure. The dorsal canal fig. Except for the lack of agreement in the number of testes, Taenia spiculigera? The genital pores are situated upon the right-hand margin of the strobila, normally somewhat in front of the middle of each seg- ment fig.


Most of the fibers of the transverse muscle system in this region extend between the left side of the proglottis and the base of the cirrus pouch fig. Carioac Nervous System in the Cestode Moniezia expansa.

Although the opening of the vagina fig. In the scolex the former measure 6 ft, the latter 4 p. The ventral root is long, while the dorsal root is only a mere knob.

[1st proof of Hymenolepis carioca in Lower Austria].

There is still further evidence in this regard. This bulb is apparently homologous to the vaginal sphincter of Drepanidotaenia lanceolata described by Wolff hiigel 00a. The main body of the proglottis thus lies anterior to the genital pore, with only the projecting rim extended behind.