IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation. Storage facility Configuring the DS storage for FB volumes. Front cover. IBM System Storage. DS Architecture and Implementation. Bertrand Dufrasne. Andreas Baer. Peter Klee. Danijel Paulin. This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM System Storage™ DS series of disk storage.

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These switches are built into the disk enclosure controller cards. This feature prevents the deletion of volumes still in use.

The line cord might not come with the suitable connector for the country in which the system will be installed, in which case the connector will need to be replaced by an electrician after architecturee machine is delivered.

Architecture and Implementation Figure DS disk enclosure DS disk enclosures Each DS frame contains a maximum of either 10, 14, or 20 disk enclosures, depending on whether it is a base or expansion frame. The line cord connector requirements vary widely throughout the world. The DS also provides a business class configuration option.

These functions are also available and are fully interoperable with previous models of the DS family. The furnishing of this document does not give you any license to these patents. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

Providing a graphical representation of hot data distribution at the volume level, this powerful tool allows you to analyze the workload characteristics and evaluate the benefits of the higher performance possible with the Solid State Drives technology. Using SMPs as the primary processing engine sets the DS systems apart from other disk storage systems on the market.

RPC cards sstorage only present in the base frame.


Quick Initialization for open system FB volumes: Be the first to review this item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Architecture and Implementation To access the disk arrays under its management, it has its own affiliated device adapters. implementaion

IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation | IBM Redbooks

The same data is also striped across the other half of the array, creating a mirror. The SP has the capability to access system components using special-purpose service processor ports or by rs8000 to the error registers. Any subsequent arcnitecture during the reconstruction within the same array second drive failure, second coincident medium errors, or a drive failure and a medium error can be recovered without loss of data.

Kernel components and extensions can provide failure recovery routines to gather serviceability data, diagnose, repair, and recover from errors. The entire failover process needs to be transparent to the attached hosts.

In general, redundancy is lost for a short period as each component in a redundant pair is updated. The DS is equipped with high-density storage enclosures populated im 24 small-formfactor SAS-2 drives. The base frame can contain up to eight disk enclosures installed in pairseach of which can contain up to 16 disk drives.

The hardware is optimized to provide higher performance, connectivity, and reliability. The DS is implementatoon in either of the following configurations: The management console is a dedicated workstation that is physically located inside storge DS storage system where it can automatically monitor the state of your system.

Performance of the Implementaation 6 array returns to normal when the data reconstruction, on the spare device, has completed. You can also reference 8. Figure Rack operator window – DS Each panel has two line cord indicators, one for each line cord. These features can help simplify the storage environment by consolidating multiple storage systems onto a single machine.


The power area also contains two 2-way system or three 4-way system battery backup units BBUs. DS model and 95E comparison With a dual 4-way processor complex, the DS Model base frame supports up to disk drives for a maximum capacity of up to TB.

IBM System Storage DS8000 Architecture and Implementation Front cover

The first expansion frame can have a maximum of 3. For details about cache management, see 7.

The power area can contain zero or two battery backup units BBUsdepending on the configuration. Half of the disk enclosures are accessed from the front of the frame, and half from the rear. POWER6 alternate processor retry Hard failures are more difficult, being true logical errors that will be replicated each time the instruction is repeated.

This feature allows you to establish a FlashCopy relationship where archktecture target is a remote mirror Metro Mirror primary volume keeping the pair in the full duplex state. Reserved memory partitions allow you to set aside a portion of memory to use as cache and a portion tsorage use as NVS. Consult your local IBM representative for information on the products and services currently available in your area.

The rebuild is performed by reading the corresponding data and parity in each stripe from the remaining drives in the array, performing an exclusive-OR operation to recreate the data, and then writing this data to the architeecture drive.

Furthermore, some measurements may have been estimated through extrapolation.