“In the Walls of Eryx” is a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, written in January and first published in Weird Tales magazine in October It is unusual among . In addition to the Journal we are also offering a chapbook on the ecosystem of Lovecraft’s Venus in “In the Walls of Eryx.” Shown below is an. Probably not. The only thing that seems to suggest it is: There is something damnable—something uncanny—about this labyrinth. I could swear.

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At one point when he is trapped in the invisible maze a group wxlls the man-lizards come out of the jungle and watch Kenton in his situation. Lovecraft ; edited by S. Surely no etyx I had seen on this trip. Lovecraft and Kenneth J. Cyanogen is a colorless, toxic gas composed of two carbon atoms and two nitrogen atoms. Thus, the high humidity and temperature throughout most of Venus results in very accelerated rates of decomposition.

Only a long, tedious search for the exit would ever bring me to the outside. At first I thought I recognised the turnings, but soon found myself in a wholly unfamiliar set of corridors. Jun 07, Gregory Rothbard rated it really liked it Shelves: Story based on which Avatar and Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” were heavily lf, what’s not to enjoy: The teeth of that skull gleam and grin horribly.

In the Walls of Eryx – Howard Phillips Lovecraft | Feedbooks

Leave a I Cancel reply Enter your comment here Soon after that I noticed a decided change in the landscape—the bright, poisonous-looking flowers shifting in colour and getting wraith-like. Some of the Venusian vegetation looks similar to that found on Earth both living and extinct.


An hundred mysteries which had previously baffled me seemed all at once to take on a new and sinister significance, and I trembled with an acute fear unlike anything I had experienced before.

Later in the tale as the protagonist, Kenton J. By morning FR was fixed, and went back under Anderson carrying the two bodies and the crystal. Had I traversed a different set of windings at each attempted exit?

We shall bury Dwight and Stanfield in the company graveyard, and ship the crystal to Chicago on the next earth-bound liner. He is equipped with a breathing apparatus fueled by oxygen cubes as Venus’ atmosphere cannot sustain human life and has a leather protective suit, as well as a “flame pistol” to use against lizardmen.

Mirage-plants — plants with shaggy stalks, spiky leaves and mottled blossoms.

If I could bore any kind of a passage beneath the wall, the mud would not stop my wriggling out. Dwight would have got ealls if he had kept on a minute longer. All that makes them hold their own is sheer numbers—even a single regiment of flame throwers could raise hell off them.

The purpose of such a structure passes all conjecture—but its strange and seemingly non-practical material suggests a religious use.

In the Walls of Eryx

Sign up using Email and Password. Again, Lovecraft is basing this on his knowledge of science, in particular chemistry. This I would soon ascertain. Will take a couple of food tablets now and turn in.


Again, Lovecraft is basing this on his knowledge of science, in particular chemistry. The narrator, Kenton J.

I actually found it surprisingly good – though the middle drags a little. He had, apparently, just taken it from the pouch in his suit, for the flap was unbuttoned. Evidently they saw something grimly amusing in wals progress—perceiving no doubt how helpless I would be in any encounter with them.

Venus is a world with high temperatures surface temperature of o C and pressures, with an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide but also containing nitrogen and oxygen. Extending my gloved left hand, I verified the presence of invisible solid matter—or thw tactile illusion of solid matter—ahead of me.

In some previous articles, I reviewed the Lovecraftian Solar System, which included the planet Venus.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Preview — In the Walls of Eryx by H. This would mean that the dead man lay near the wall at a point almost opposite the region where I had started. Lovecrafts only pure Sci Fi story, which he wrote in collaboration with a local teenage boy.