Index of /earthdawn/wastes/. Name Last modified Size Description. up Parent Directory Jul – directory _notes Jul – unknown. Earthdawn was considered one of the most innovative RPG’s of it’s time. Rereading the core rules again, after fifteen years is like taking a trip. I’m a massive fan of Earthdawn and I’ll be giving it a 5 for Substance and a 4 for Style. Furthermore, the Style rating is probably too generous.

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Thin, wizened old dwarf man; drunkard, runs a flophouse in the dahnat. Grandmotherly dwarf woman; physician to the king, privately tormented that she can’t cure him. An article on the origin, description, use, and earrhdawn of orichalcum in Earthdawn imdex Shadowrun, with an index of mining locations.

Earthdawn was ranked 24th in the reader poll of Arcane magazine to determine the 50 most popular roleplaying games of all time. Ork woman; powerful troubadour and warrior, recently joined the Skull Whargs.

Self-deluded elf woman; Officer of the Court and unwitting servant of Earthrawn. Kind-hearted, spectacularly ugly troll man; senior diplomat and expert on Theran affairs. Conciliatory, patrician old dwarf man; head of House Elcomi and royal courtier. Quarrelsome, dimwitted dwarf woman; wife of House Pa’Vas leader who wants her dead.

T’skrang man; nethermancer who recently found Bozwicus’s Cow in the Serpent River. For example, one magical broadsword may have only 4 magical ranks and only increases the damage of the blade. Dirty, foul-smelling ork man who hates Eartjdawn looks like a derelict, but is a mighty wizard.


Sour-faced dwarf man, frequently gets into tavern fights; runs a flop house in the dahnat. Well intentioned but easily baffled dwarf woman; commander of a Royal Guard unit.

Index of /~kscott/earthdawn

Likewise, Barsaive gets a complete treatment, and the chapters contain a lot of log entries and stories in addition to the setting descriptions; the same applies to Horrors and Dragons. Unemotional dwarf woman and magistrate; a good judge, but not so good at commanding guards.

In the distant past of Earthdawn’ s setting, an elf scholar discovered that the time of the Horrors was approaching, and founded the Eternal Library in order to discover a way to defeat them — or at the very least, survive them. The Annotated Aztlan Annotations Comments, theories, and explanations behind the annotations in the Aztlan sourcebook. In Barsaive, magic, like many things in nature, goes through cycles. Serene, elderly human man with a legendary past; Senior Gatherer of the Eye of Throal.

The secret histories, the hidden masters inxex the obscure facts are brought together for your benefit.

Throal Character Index

Each book has over pages and summarizes much of what FASA published—not only the game mechanics, but also the setting, narrations, and stories. Dirty, foul smelling dwarf man, reacts violently to criticism of Throal; looks like a derelict but is a mighty wizard.

Irresponsible, charismatic dwarf man; navy commander and best friend to Prince Neden. The Ancient Files is repository for information on the metaplot of the Shadowrun and Earthdawn games. This will sometimes make combat last longer than in other games. Steps 6 through 12 as listed above form the basis of a 7-step cycle. The Earthdawn Classic Player’s Compendium and Earthdawn Classic Gamemaster’s Compendium are essentially an alternative Second Edition, but without earthdaan version designation since the material is compatible anyway.


Stern dwarf man; former corrupt Royal Guard, now the toughest of Throal’s magistrates. Blustering, nervous, elderly human man; member of Bartertown’s council of merchants. Vain, resentful human man; unrecognized Theran “legate” to Throal. It is generally recommended that Casters only use attuned spells, but this is not required.

Index of /skin/gry_rpg/earthdawn

More is to come. Casters all have special Talents called spell matrixes which they can place spells into. To form stepsadd 1d Ov primary setting of Earthdawn is Barsaive, a former province of the Theran Empire. Pedantic and quarrelsome human man, claims to be rightful ruler of Iopos in exile.

Update – Added my Shadowrun short fiction. For example, two six-sided dice will on average yield a result of 7, [5] thus the earthddawn number 8 means that 2d6 will be rolled. The setting of Earthdawn is the same world as Shadowrun i.

The community that grew up around the library developed wards and protections against the Horrors, which they traded to other lands and eventually became the powerful Theran Empire, an extremely magically advanced civilization and the main antagonist of the Earthdawn setting.

Hopefully, these resources will be of use to you. The Second Edition did not alter the setting, though it did update the timeline to include events that took place in Barsaive.