Professor Isaac Schapera (known to his friends as Schap) the last survivor of the early “British Social Anthropologists”, died in his 98th year, in London on Isaac Schapera, who died in June aged 98, was the most senior of the three To use an expression that Fortes once used of himself, Schapera was a. Isaac Schapera, who has died aged 98, was perhaps the last surviving member of the seminar run by Bronislaw Malinowski at the London.

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This bibliography has been compiled to honour Isaac Schapera, born 23rd Junein his 95th year and to introduce new generations of scholars to the full range of his work by providing an updated and accessible listing. It relies schwpera on the two previously published bibliographies by Archibald and Shack and Cohenwhich have been extended and, in a few instances, corrected.

In addition, it includes works published over the last twenty years, including reprints of earlier writings which have been reproduced and reprinted in collections of essays or as self-standing publications. Additionally, the Archives hold an extensive collection of Schapera’s private papers and research materials, including official correspondence and proclamations, vernacular texts on history and custom, replies to questionnaires, photographs, notebooks, Mission publications and other materials used by Schapera in the course of zchapera research in the Protectorate from to It also includes historical documents collected by Schapera and a large set of genealogies which isaad compiled from all the main Issac groups during the s and s.

It should be noted that the University of Cape Town also holds an extensive collection of Schapera’s manuscripts. First isaqc of books written or edited by Schapera are given full citation and further editions indicated in the entry though, given the fact that Schapera’s major books have been reprinted and re-issued in many different countries and publishers, this listing should be taken as indicative rather than as definitive.


Nevertheless, effort has been made to trace the various editions, especially the latest and this has been given a separate entry, which is cross-referenced to the original. Reprinted articles have also been traced and are cross-referenced to the original. The list of debts incurred in compiling this bibliography is, as usual, extensive.

Firstly, my thanks go to Isaac Schapera himself for his meticulous checking of usaac earlier draft, correcting mistakes and pointing to omissions. The usual disclaimer holds with even more force than normal: Reprinted in Discovery 6: Contributions to Encyclopaedia Britannica14 th edition.

The Khoisan Peoples of South Africa: Bushmen and Hottentotsp.

Edited, with an introduction and notes by I. Van Riebeeck society, publication no A note on Social Change’, Africa 6 1: Bantu Tribes of South Africa.

Isaac Schapera | South African anthropologist |

Western Civilisation and the Natives of South Africa: Studies in Culture Contactp. Routledge and Kegan Paul. Essays presented to C. Kegan Paul, Trench and Trubner.

Letters to African Teachers. Cambridge History of the British Empire. South Africa, Rhodesia and the Protectorates. Author of with A. Goodwin ‘Work and Wealth’ pp.

Eiselen ‘Religious Beliefs and Practices’ pp. Second EditionLondon and New Jersey: First edition re-issued, see also More Letters to African Teachers. Memorandum to the Standing Committee in connection with the proposed Bushman Enquiry. CircaHistory of Tribal Land Settlement: The Study of Tswana Land Tenure. Married Life in an African Tribe.

Schapera Trust

Faber and Faber; Toronto; Ryerson Press. ReprintedNew York: Sheridan Press;Evanston: Reprinted and see History of the Bechuanaland Protectorate Tribes: Schapera with comments and additions by the District Commissioner, Mochudi, dated Schapera, datedBNA S.

Native Land Tenure in the Bechuanaland Protectorate. Unpublished report submitted to the Bechuanaland Protectorate Administration, with an appendix by Forbes Mackenzie, District Commissioner. Report submitted to the Bechuanaland Protectorate, N. Tribal Legislation among the Tswana of the Bechuanaland Protectorate: A Study in the Mechanism of Cultural Change.


Navoringsbehoeftes op die gebied sosiale antropologie; oorspronklik opgestel deur I. Unpublished Report and Recommendations submitted to the Bechuanaland Protectorate.

Notes on some Herero genealogies. Unpublished Report to the Bechuanaland Protectorate Government. Stern eds When Peoples meet: A study in race and culture contacts. Hinds, Hayden and Eldredge. Migrant Labour and Tribal Life: The Political Annals of a Tswana Tribe: Minutes of Ngwaketse Public Assemblies, Translated and edited with an introduction and notes by I.

Several reprints, Being the journals and letters of Schapra and Mary Moffat, dchapera Chatto and Windus; Toronto: The Ethnic Composition of Tswana Tribesp. Hazell, Watson and Viney. Reprintedand with a supplementary bibliography, Edited and with an introduction to W. Burchell, Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa in 2 vols.

Studies in the Bechuanaland Protectorate’. Pirie, The Number of Man and Animals. A Handbook of Tswana Law and Custom2nd edition with a new preface.

Original a, see also Government and Politics in Tribal Societies. Reprintedre-issued c. Instituut voor de Tropen, Amsterdam; Leiden: An Evaluation of the Work of Bronislaw Malinowski.

Legislation and Precedent’, Journal of African Law 1 3: The Ethnic Composition of Tswana Tribes. Family Letters, vols 1 and 2, Livingstone’s Private Journals, Chatto and Windus; Berkeley: University of California Schapers Toronto: Cultures and Societies in Africa. An Appreciation’, by Max Gluckman and Isaa. Livingstone’s Missionary Correspondence Historians in Tropical Africa. Studies in kinship and Marriage Dedicated to Brenda Z.

Seligman on her 80th birthday. Royal Anthropological Occasional paper No. Livingstone’s Schapfra Journal, Praise Poems of Tswana Chiefs. Translated and edited with an introduction and notes.

Books by Isaac Schapera

The study of Africa. Bushmen and Hottentots London: Tribal and Peasant Economies. Natural History Press, original Africa from Early Times to In Encyclopaedia Issacvol 1: