An Austrian philosopher who founded the Intercultural Documentation Center in Mexico, Ivan Illich was known as a “maverick social critic” of contemporary. CIASP Canada – This talk was delivered on the evening of Saturday April 20 at St . Mary’s Lake of the Woods Seminary in Niles (Chicago). Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich, who was also a Roman Catholic priest, was Titled “To Hell with Good Intentions,” Illich discusses the deep.

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In Asia, the U. All you will do inhentions a Mexican village is create disorder. Next to money and guns, the third largest North American export is the U. Ask what they will be doing differently now that they have participated in this particular service-learning program and how they will continue to engage in service now that they are back, whether on campus or in the local community.

What type of work will be done? Then, a minority of that minority goes on for university training.

To Hell with Good Intentions (my imaginary conversation with Ivan Illich) | Lessons I Learned

And here please remember that I said “some” -by which I mean a tiny elite in Latin America. I was impressed by your insight that the motivation of U.

Perhaps this is the moment to instead bring home to the people of the U. If you insist on working with the poor, if this is your vocation, then at least work among the poor who can tell you to go to hell. But weapons are not enough to permit minority rule. Anybody in this country who did not finish high school is considered underprivileged.


You yo your eyes because you want to go ahead and could not do so if you looked at some facts.

To Hell With Good Intentions | The Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit

Illidh Mexicoit is a tiny elite. Discuss the expressed needs of the host community, the needs and goals of the students themselves, and the broader issues of reciprocity and equity. I am sure you know of my present efforts to obtain illifh voluntary withdrawal of all North American volunteer armies from Latin America – missionaries, Peace Corps members and groups like yours, a “division” organized for the benevolent invasion of Mexico.

How have you been preparing yourself for this service-learning program? There is no way for you to really meet with the intentiojs, since there is no common ground whatsoever for you to meet on.

Are any local people being hired to work with the group, and if so, at what remuneration?

I think that the idea is of service leadership is good; one where all members are encouraged to participate and communicate. You, like the values you carry, are the products of an American society of achievers and consumers, with its two-party system, its universal schooling, and its family-car affluence. Overall, Illich makes very broad generalizations to make his points for volunteering Americans to not only stop imposing their culture, but to relinquish any form of international aid.

I did not come here to argue. Addressing that mission group at that particular historical epoch, he argues that those people the volunteers aim to help may not all need or want their aid.


It has now become quite common to invite Black Power spokesmen to address Lions Clubs. I did not come here to argue. Thus, people who have finished high school are members of a tiny minority.

Perhaps there is also something to the argument that young men should be promiscuous for a while in order to find out that sexual love is most beautiful in a monogamous relationship. Anybody in this country who did not finish high school is considered underprivileged. In IARDhsll are extremely lucky to have partnerships within the Intag region of Ecuador in which we will be working closely with in order to develop a project that they deem most beneficial.

More information about the toolkit authors. And you will know when you fail.

Lessons I Learned

Today, the existence of organizations like yours is offensive to Mexico. All you will do in a Mexican village is create disorder. Very soon you would be either spit upon or laughed at. Work for the coming elections. The very frustration which participation in CIASP programs might mean for you, could lead you to new awareness: I want to give back!