This post is a review of Fiorinda Li Vigni’s recent biography of the French Hegel scholar Jacques D’Hondt, originally posted on the discussion. In this post, I discuss Jacques D’Hondt’s book Hegel en son Temps (Paris: Editions Sociales, ). There is an English translation by John. Professor Jacques D’Hondt () was professor at the University of Poitiers and an expert on the philosophy of Hegel. He was introduced to Hegel’s work.

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This group had their quarrels. There were many writers against revolutionary ideas. It is clear that Hegel was not simply a reactionary, or a conformist. His interest in Hegel arose from Marxism, but he has long since gone beyond any doctrinaire approach.

Both Marx and Engels often cited Hegel. The historian Friedrich von Raumer also supported Hegel. A new student fraternity movement the Burschenschaften grew heegel in Germany. Altenstein and Hardenberg wrote letters over Ulrich. Marx writes only that it is almost servile, noting that: The reactionary writer and agent of the Tsar, August von Kotzebue, was murdered on 23 March in Mannheim by a student K.

Hdgel comments on this. Hegel and Fries had met 20 years earlier at Jena, as competitors for academic preferment. Biographers tend to redraw Hegel in their own image. This duplicity gave rise to a diplomatic exchange.

It was foreseen that political power was to pass to the upper middle class. W Oeschu — History of Switzerlandin German.

Jacques D’Hondt

Marx did not publish this work, because his thought was still jacquws. History came to an end with the constitution that Friedrich Wilhelm III promised in vain to his people.


Cousin was a major figure in French philosophy. He was an active freemason. Hegel is seen by some as the philosopher of the Prussian state. Edouard Gans was allowed by Hegel to teach philosophy of right from There is a complete French translation of the letters in Hegel: He was not asked to join the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

Various pretexts were used, but the motives remained the same. Some rely on the judgment of Marx and Engels rather than looking at original documents. It breathes the arrogance of civil servants in Prussia, he says. Hegel had known Cousin since Haller argued that the Gegel was a precursor of the French revolution.

The Prussian bureaucracy also participated in efforts at reform. At the end of the interview she asks about the principal changes or breaks in his theoretical views that he has seen or made over his life, particularly recently, on which he has abstained from commenting.

He favored secular public education, opposed feudalism and wanted a hegwl representation. Hegel represented advanced bourgeois thought, but he did not go beyond it.

Jacques D’Hondt, Hegel: Biographie | Editors | Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy

Hence, his opposition is not owing solely to Fries role at the Wartburg Festival of So Italy is a good place to look for a modern example of how to support philosophical work. Hence, fromHegelianism fell out of favor. Byhe felt deceived by the lack of reform and wrote as much in an article on hrgel Weimar revue Nemesiscriticizing the Prussian chief of police, von Honrt.


Already between and the German proletariat was a political presence. Newer Post Older Post Home. The Jacquws visitor Victor Cousin noted Fries as a liberal in His question then, is not Hegel in his time.

Perhaps the official acceptance of Hegel was owing to Altenstein and a more liberal age, he muses. I also draw the conclusion that we should read Hegel himself, as much secondary literature is written from dogmatic or refuted viewpoints. Yet he was not a revolutionary either.

Jacques D’Hondt | IISH

Hodnt was the author of patriotic poetry. Friedrich Wilhelm IV was more in favor of pietism and political reaction than his father. Law, he said, rests on tradition and develops organically. The conditions under which his ideas spread is also interesting for the history of ideas.

Both are available to read for hpndt on the internet. The following is a summary of Hegel en son Tempsnoting the sources used all of which are public and printed and the main factual points made.

Hegel praised Frederick II Phil. Inhe comments that Hegelianism is spreading. He wrote to his wife in Austria that letters were read and should not contain political content Briefe III, Cousin had been denied any official post in France since