Josef Hora, Pracujici den (Prague, ), and Jirir Wolker, Tezka hodina (Prague , ); Milan Blahynka and Jiri Cutka, Nezval a Wolker (Prague, );. březen Jiří Karel Wolker – básník – představitel proletářské poezie – ovlivněn Zdeňkem Nejedlým a František Xaver Šalda – byl členem Literární skupiny. monthly tezka-hodina-souhrnhtml monthly

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He rejected not only state-supported culture, but any indication of conformity or mediocrity among his friends, as he would prove in when he launched a fierce attack on many of them. During this period, Czech women not only attained the vote and achieved better educational options, but they branched out occupationally, becoming not just artists but even pilots, motorcyclists, and racecar drivers.

Initially, Toyen was probably perceived as just another young artist eager to ally herself with the relatively new movement. Czechs flocked to Paris in the hope of finding an artistic, literary, and even sexual paradise; what did they find, and how did Toyen internalize what Paris represented wolkef her?


And we should not forget that the architect Bedfich Feuerstein proposed she be named ttezka Muse of Devetsil. Rather, she and Styrsky used their talents—and o perhaps especially Toyen’s design training, as she had gone to the design school UMPRUM rather than the academy like Styrsky—to make money in art-related fields.

Czechoslovakia was no exception.

Jiří Wolker

Pauvert, ; Paul Duchein, “Toyen In the early s she returned to Paris, where she wrote plays, novels, and poems Rosemont, Surrealist Women, Manes,” Magazin DP 1, no. Toyen v kostymu s muzskym sakem, muzskou kosili, s radiovkou na hlave, zpravidla race v kapsach, pfipadne i cigaretu v koutku list.

As a case study of one artist working within a specific avant-garde movement, this project contributes to critical re-evaluation of surrealism, the Central European tzka to modernism, and the role of female artists in the avant-garde.


These special and artificial, and yet so restorative illustrative formations, toward which grew the unity of their own development, shelter in their concise and precise expressions maximum evocative strengths.

Works that remained in Czechoslovakia were known there albeit less and lesstezma works that went to France or were done there postwar were known to Western afficionados. In the perpetual welding of analogies and identities of real forms, in the memories of non-possessive definitive forms and of terrible naturalistic images, eloquent description, speaking among the lines of poems and in allusive overlappings, first and foremost captures for us the poet and his tales in a place where we are not accustomed to observe.

Completely apart from the geographical, historical, and economic considerations that this city and the customs of its inhabitants may lend themselves to, when viewed from a distance, with her towers that bristle like no others, it seems to be the magic capital of old Europe.

Misto nevyhlednych stfevicu mela na peknych nohou lehke lodicky, ackoliv na chodniku byla snehova cahota a marast. Thus, to understand Toy en’s development, some understanding of Devetsil is necessary. Nova literatura,” Novy Mas 2, no. Nor was the complementarity and transitivity of the masculine and feminine principle an insignificant issue in surrealist inquiry; and it was by tezks means by chance that the first surrealist play or more precisely: Those whose passion for Prague does not lead them to destruction, sicken with an undying longing for Prague.

Indeed, most of the stories of her shyness and introversion come from late in her life, when many of her friends had died and others were at odds with one another.

Pujcka mariánské lázně – Ebank

This dissertation employs a mixed methodology that combines investigation of historical context with aspects of feminist, psychoanalytic, iconographic, and semiotic approaches. Styrsky invariably only called her Manka. And she didn’t at all want to exhibit under her own name. Yale University, Her drawings are thrilling to us and fill our imagination, which would be self-richer and self-reliant, never breaking free from their influences. Kamill Resler, defense attorney JUDr.


Professional women such as Toy en were unusual not in that they worked outside the home, but in that they had true careers.

In Germany, laws against cross-dressing were apparently wolkef enforced, although arrest was always possible. Whoever they are, I am most grateful that they liked my grant proposals. Prochazka regarded the Czech hodinq as especially suited to decadence due to their supposedly poor social, political, national, and cultural situation under Austria-Hungary. In a subsequent generation, the most significant new voice on Czech art history of this period is that of Martina Pachmanova, apparently the first Czech art historian to employ feminist analysis.

Indeed, Toyen and many of the male art stars worked in both design and fine art, as design was a respected but less publicized means of making a living in the Czech art world. Few, however, were as bold in their artistic representations of gender and sexuality.

Pavla Horska, Nase prababicky feministky Prague: And over her clean face flew a surprised smile. Librairie Jose Corti, ; Frantisek Smejkal, “Devetsil, 1’avant-garde tcheque et ses rapports avec la France dans les annees vingt,” Critique 43, no.