Born and raised in the tough backstreets of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s Byker district, John Urwin came from a disadvantaged background. THE SIXTEEN, by JOHN URWIN: Every individual SPECOPS operator, whether from a military, law enforcement or intelligence agency background, needs to be . John Urwin wrote the following in an email to me, just a few days ago: UK special forces operative (about which I have written a book namely ‘The Sixteen’).

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A false flag will make people, hopefully, make people join the armed forces, just like This is a special force in the Middle East. We killed about 13 people in Johm. Reviews Latest reviews Search reviews. Their martial arts expert sat down shaking.

I have no fear of anything. Did you ever see jobn besides the tall blonde guy? John you are not to call it a day. Talk to you tomorrow.

The `Sixteen` by John Urwin

I got photographs with their officers. Just out of curiosity. It was an archeologist. Well this is very, very interesting.

The Sixteen by John Urwin –

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The European Union now is starting to crumble This is what the SAS are after.

The Machine Los Angeles, May Resource icon The Sixteen – John Urwin. There are obviously some very cynical publishers out there. The books only use is as shithouse paper It may be that some other contributers or visitors may wish to follow up this controversial book and author. He said, the blueprint for control of the world, was called the Bible. I found that I could stop anything. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.


How did you discover that? During the four days training session, I learned the skills of combat and survival and the strategy of the combat.

The `Sixteen` by John Urwin | Army Rumour Service

Started by Bagl0ck Today at You just take their word for it. It was part of a strategy to get thousands of different races into this country to destroy the British way of life. John became a successful stock car racer and entreuponeer. If you go on google and put his name in, and put the word common purpose. One of them was the head instructor, and they put us through various tests, me and a few of my lads, my instructors. I take it you have no one in England working for you? But what we did was, we made it look like suicide.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: The specialised training he received and the operations urein undertook were a life changing experience. However, he soon realised that the specialised training he had received sisteen The Sixteen and the skills he had learned should be taught to others.

The Sixteen – John Urwin

For example who did they kill in Libanon. It was then when I started to realize exactly who these people were. The methods these guys used to carry out their operations is nothing short of incredible. And when I get on the other side, all the equipment will be gone, the equipment I used.


Do you want to go under your name? So some of it MUST be true if he is teaching it nowadays. I found that I could do things I saw the sixteen, the members of the sixteen on about two or three occasions.

Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Graculus 4 minutes ago. The British government were aware something was taking place obviously, because they were losing men everywhere. No, no forget about that. But we knew every move they made.

And this is what he said: And I know that no aeroplanes were involved. And everything we do. If you follow the book and study the methods they used ask yourself where have you seen or read anything similar. Once the conditions of the Officials Secrets Act, had prosvibed, John wrote about his experiences Can you explain that a little bit?