Full name: John Herbert Varley was born in Austin, Texas. He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, moved to Port Arthur in , and graduated from. Titan (Gaea) [John Varley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Twenty years ago, the Gaean Trilogy dazzled critics and readers. Now a new. Titan: a world inside a world. Outside it was a vast, wheel-shaped construct orbiting Saturn; inside – it was impossible, bizarre, an endless landscape inhabited.

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There’s a style of ScFi book that’s a bit like a travelogue through an invented world. A spaceship which seems really only just ahead of us — that is, is imaginable with real physics, rather than those of Star Trek not that I am knocking Star Trek, just its science — encounters varely being, which itself is peopled with different sentient species, created by the being itself, and adventures ensue.

Return to Book Page. The Titanides are awesome. A mission to one of Saturn’s moons discovers that it is not a jonh and the crew are captured.

Titan (Gaea, #1) by John Varley

Check out that crazy dreamy cover by someone named Freff from She takes a journey to confront this being. Cirocco Jones is a rather interesting female captain.

As such these stories became imprinted on my memory as the soundtrack to the happiest period in my life so far. Unsourced material may be challenged varleg removed. You don’t need an invented world, you don’t need a villain, characters can be enough. This article needs additional citations for verification.


A Short Overview of Titan – John Varley

And it’s not all that crazy; it’s actually pretty accurate. Gaea rescued them and, unable to change them back, placed them where varle would be happy. He ultimately decides to leave his human companions to live with the blimp permanently.

Read this trilogy series back shortly after it came out and loved it – I’m thinking about re-reading it now!

He seems himself to be very interested in the mutability of gender as a category, and fairly free from annoying gender stereotypes.

Rogers, in an interview before Congress, talks about ‘the dramas I like this less than I thought I would, but, tiran the end, I liked it a bit better than I had while vaarley. Before they can figure out an approach to the object, they are grabbed and the Ringmaster is pulled toward the object, smashing apart in the process.

Jan 07, Abra rated it jihn was amazing Shelves: Winter Challenge Completed Tasks do not delete any posts Feb 28, Rogers, in an interview before Congress, talks about ‘the dramas of childhood; a hair cut, siblings, anger. Many of them learn, they are able to communicate with various intelligent species that live on the planet.

Gaea trilogy

nohn I’m of two minds about the end. Combining that description with sex might work for some, but I suspect that readers that don’t already have a decent grounding in science fiction will turn away.


The world is similar enough to Earth, to be easy to imagine, and creatures such as centaurs, angels, and airborne whales that act as dirigibles, are amusing.

They were developed for comber navigators in the war because fountain pens would squirt all over your leather bomber jacket at altitude. Overall – if you like “hard SF” then this is your kind of book.

BUT when it comes to sheer adventure and exploration and learning about the modified intelligent creatures within it, Titan wins the contest hands down.

Refresh and try again. All is not well however carley this world – there is rebellion and problems caused by “demi-gods”.

There were times when it felt a bit too childish, campy, and kitschy.

The sex is excessive, but, then, this was published in the late 70s, so, yeah. However, their time in the darkness is terrifying for them, and instead of coming into this new world innocent, they still have much of their personality and memories in tact.

Cherryh Hyperion by Dan Simmons The planet has changed them, though, and some of them learn this faster than others. This book is GOOD! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.