Wizard. Wizard is the second book in the Gaean Trilogy. Gaea is world and goddess, a dazzling pageant of wild mythology and chimerical creatures in a. One of the greatest science fiction epics ever written, John Varley’s Titan, Wizard, and Demon comprise a groundbreaking trilogy that will live forever. Title: Wizard Author(s): John Varley ISBN: / ( USA edition) Publisher: Berkley Pub Group Availability: Amazon Amazon UK.

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Varley doesn’t j I love all three of the books in this trilogy equally Varley is raunchy and irreverent.

Praying to Gaea was useless. John Varley was born in Austin, Texas.

Wizard (Gaea, book 2) by John Varley

By using this site, you varly to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cirocco Jones and Gaby Plauget, members of the first Terran crew to investigate the huge wheel-shaped structure, have now spent 75 years as respectively Wizard and Chief Engineer of Gaea–Cirocco overseeing the welfare of the inhabitants, Gaby in charge of roads, way-stations, and the built-in Gaean machinery.

Tis made it start a bit slowly, but I admit that when it did get going it was fast paced and exciting. Jun 28, Tommy Carlson rated it really liked it.

Wizard (Gaea, #2) by John Varley

It was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel in If only I read these as a teen ager and not as a thirty year old! Sep 23, Vincent rated it it was ok.

Chris suffers from psychotic episodes which are often accompanied by paranormal “luck”. Oct 08, prcardi rated it did not like it Shelves: Both books are copyrightedwhich suggests to me that Varley meant them to be one single novel, but added the Chris and Robin characters at the behest of the publisher to fill out this volume to full-novel length.


It did take me a bit to appreciate these new characters, however. It put heaven within reach of those daring enough to make the climb. One of my other gripes is the unnecessary mentions of telepathy and ESP 3 total if I remember correctlyneither of which contributed to any substance to either the story or the world building, and since this book already blurs the science fiction heavily into more mythic fantasy, I felt those elements would have been best left out, but that reflects a personal bias on part.


Into this situation arrive two “pilgrims”, come to Gaea basically by lottery, to seek a cure for what ails them — in one case a syndrome that creates a schizophrenic loss of awareness and control, in a young man from Earth, and in the other, a genetic disorder that leads to epilepsy, sure to be passed on, in a young lesbian separatist ‘witch’ from the Coven, a LaGrangian colony in space. Hereinafter, she is no longer the Wizard; she is the Demon. If you think all of this is pretty simple, think again.

One is Chris, a rather shy and geeky young man from Earth. Like Titanthis novel is also wizwrd picaresque as the foursome venture around the rim of Gaea, accompanied by four Titanides, one of which has fallen in love with Chris.

This story is about two of these pilgrims as they make their way to Gaea. It has been Gaea’s policy for some time now to ask certain humans to come to her she calls them pilgrims to be cured.

Okay, that wasn’t about this book. Gaea, the enclosed world that is in Saturn’s orbit, has opened it doors to a select few of humans to grant them a miracle cure for what ails them. They encounter two characters from the last book. Wizxrd 1 of this series “Titan” started off pretty cool and was able to maintain a good level of interest with the reader right until the semi-cliffhanger end.


Gaby Plauget has taken up the slack, carrying out special projects for Gaea such as building the Circum-Gaea Highway, in return for which she gets some of the benefits Cirocco enjoys, including apparently perpetual youth. The first book in the Gaea trilogy was Titan, a story about the captain of a NASA team being thrust into the world of a satellite-sized alien with her own ecosystem. Nov 22, Sarah Rigg rated it really liked it.

The main attraction of Wizard is Varley’s amazing ingenuity in creating new alien species. This is the second book in the Gaea trilogy, and a science fiction book. She averaged one visitor in a thousand years. That isn’t to say the new characters are lacking; by the end of the book they were fully realized and i was invested in them. They join up with Cirocco and Gaby on a circumnavigation of the habitat wheel.

My favorite part was when Robin and Chris attacked the God-like Gaea first curing Chris after he decided he didn’t want to be cured and second for regrowing Robin’s little finger that she cut off to prove her strength.

Of course, with this fantastic alien landscape, there’s the Titanides, the 29 times There a lot to love in the second Gaia book. Gaea is an alien that is also a planet, she has the ability to change DNA so to create any type of being, and she has a strange fondness for human cathedrals.