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Act Info: Preamble 1 – KARNATAKA TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT, Chapter 1. Section 1 – Short title, extent and commencement. Section 2 -. Act Info: [14B. Benefit of development rights. Where any area within a local planning area is required by a Planning Authority or local authority for a public. The Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, Act 11 of Keyword(s): Commerce, Development, Heritage Building, Heritage Precinct, Industry, Land.

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In the said matter of Madhya Pradesh State, the planning sta The objections raised by Mrs.

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Gazette on 7th November The current system of planning prescribed in the KTCP Act, mandates mtcp a two-step process of planning that includes a preparation ach master plan at the city scale and b preparation of town planning scheme for the implementation of the master plans.

Antony Joseph TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal 1916. ACT 1 1 submit for its sanction through Director a draft scheme in respect of any land in regard to which a town planning scheme may be made under section Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission. Benefit 196 development rights Where any area within a local planning area is required by a Planning Authority or local authority for a public purpose and the owner of any acr or land which comprises such area surrenders it free of cost and hands over possession of the same to the Planning Authority or the local authority free of encumbrances, the planning authority or the local authority, as the case may be, may notwithstanding anything contained ktco this Act or the regulations but subject to such restrictions or conditions kfcp may be specified by notification by the State Government, permit development rights in the form of additional floor area which shall be equal to one and half times of the area of land surrendered.

The rate varies depending upon the nature of user. Competition Appellate Tribunal Urban Development and Sustainable Communities. Authority For Advance Rulings. But we have not been able to find any provisions of the Karnataka Mun Authority For Advance Rulings 0. Amendment of section 2 3. The existing provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, is not very specific about the circumstances under zct the change in land use from one purpose to another purpose under the Out Line Development Plan could be permitted.

ACT 1 1 d such portion of the sums payable as compensation for land reserved axt designated for any public purpose or purpose of the Planning Authority, which is beneficial partly to the owners or residents within the area of the scheme and partly to the general public, as is attributable to the benefit accruing to the owners or residents within the area of the scheme from such reservation or designation; e all legal expenses incurred by the Planning Authority in the making and in the execution of the scheme; f any amount by which the total of the aft of the original plots exceeds the total of the values of the plots included in the final scheme, each of such plots being estimated at its market value on the date of the declaration of intention to make a scheme, with all the buildings and works thereon on that date and without reference to improvements contemplated in the scheme other than improvements due to the alteration of its boundaries.


Upload pleading aft use the new Kcp search. This Writ Petition is filed on As regards compensation payable for land acquired for purposes of the Act, the Government of India have stated that it is not correct to take the market value as on first November,and have suggested that the value may be the market value as on the date of publication of the Town Improvement Scheme, and where the 161 of actual acquisition proceeding is after two years from such publication the value may be as on the date two years before the date of issue of notification for acquisition of the land, as also the grant of solatium of fifteen percent in view of the compulsory nature of the acquisition.

Section 66 – Power of Planning Authority to make agreements. You have reach your max limit. Substituted by Act 17 of w.

Thereafter, on a Notice was issued und ACT 1 1 14 No unauthorised construction or 161 made in agricultural zone of approved Master Plan or green belt area declared under Karnataka Land Revenue Act, shall be regularized. AIR SC Commissioner, Belgaum 1 stating that the latter Act must give overriding effect which was Section 76O – Power of Planning Authority to suspend or revoke permission etc.

Mysore City Corporation and another TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. A few other incidental and consequential provisions have also been made. ACT 1 1 b when permission for such development has not been obtained under this Act, such development shall not be deemed to be lawfully undertaken or carried out by reason only of the fact that permission, approval or sanction required under such other law for such development has been obtained.


Restriction on summoning of officers and servants of the Board and Planning Authority. Vesting of property and rights of a Planning Authority ceasing to exist or ceasing to have jurisdiction. xct

Section 54 – Power to compel attendance of witnesses, etc. Budget of the Planning Authority. Insertion of new section 14B.

Reinterpretating the Town and Country Planning Act | WRI India Sustainable Cities

All rules made under this Act shall, subject to any modification made under sub-section 4have effect as if enacted in this Act. Section 78 – Vesting of property and rights of a Planning Authority ceasing to exist or ceasing to have jurisdiction. ACT 11] Town and Country Planning 95 2 Such town planning scheme may make provisions kfcp any of the following matters namely: Even in a conforming zone, it shall be regularised only with atc clearance from the Karnataka Pollution Control Board.

Amendment of Karnataka Act 1 1 of 1 3. Entries in map conclusive evidence subject to orders under section 7. Date to be specified.

Power of the State Government to suspend rule, bye-law, etc. Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission. Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal. ACT 11] Town and Country Planning ktdp the prescribed manner, remove or pull down any such work and restore the land to its original condition or, as the case may be, take any measure to stop such use. Approval of comprehensive Development Plan.

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Section 24 – Enforcement of the Comprehensive Development Plan. Functions of the Member-Secretary of the Planning Authority.

Provided that, — a all changes are in public interest; b the changes proposed do not contravene any of the provisions of this Act or any other law governing planning, development or use of land within the local planning area; and c the proposal for all such changes are published in one or more daily newspapers, having circulation in the area, inviting objections from the public within ktccp period of not less than fifteen days from the date of publication as may be specified by the Planning Authority.

Town Planning Member and Ors. Substituted by Act 1 4 of 1 w. Section 76G – Fine when realised to be paid to Planning Authority.