From Pope Francis’ trip to Brazil for World Youth Day, we will remember his appeal to young people to «rock the boat»; his visit to a favela in Rio, an almost ritual. The Libertatis Nuntius or ‘Instruction on certain aspects of the “Theology of Liberation”‘ was written by Cardinal Ratzinger in It begins with a brief overview. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the oldest among the nine congregations of .. suspension of the Reverend Father Professor Charles Curran from the teaching of theology” (25 July ); Libertatis conscientia ( Instruction on.

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Instruction on certain aspects of the “Theology of Liberation”

Situations of grave injustice require the courage to make far-reaching reforms and to suppress unjustifiable privileges. Both dealt with the themes of conversion and liberation.

The replacement of ador ation of the living God by worship of created things falsifies the relationships between individuals and brings with it various kinds of oppression. The priority of work over capital places an obligation in justice upon employers to con sider the welf are of the workers before the increase of profits. The Church does this ligertatis virtue of her missionary outreach for the integral salvation of the world, with respect for the identity of each people and nation.

The fundamental law of class struggle has a global and universal character. It is clear that the concept of ‘truth’ itself is in question here, and it is totally subverted: The lack of equity and of a sense of solidarity in international transactions works to the advantage of the industrialized nations so that the gulf between the rich and the poor is ever widening.

This in turn makes violence ,ibertatis obligation for Christians.

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – Wikipedia

One can never approve, whether perpetrated by established power or insurgents, crimes such as reprisals against the general population, torture, or methods of terrorism and deliberate provocation aimed at causing deaths during popular demonstrations.

Why does this history, in spite of great achievements, which also remain always fragile, experience frequent relapses into alienation and see the appearance of new forms of slavery Why do liberation movements which had roused great hopes result in regimes for which the citizens’ freedom, 8 beginning with the first of these freedoms which is religious freedom, becomes enemy number one?


Dimensions of lkbertatis authentic liberation She does not proceed from a mistaken acceptance of an alleged law of history. This is why his heart is a prey to disquiet. As a consequence of his bodily dimension, man needs the resources of the material world for his personal and social fulfilment. First people must be set in right relationship with God and then the evil structures will change, but changing structures libertaatis not change people. It is important to note that Ratzinger did specifically say that Christians should be concerned with social justice, they should try to change society and they should pay attention to the social message of the Gospel.

It is true that Marxist thought ever since its origins, and even more so lately, has become divided and has given birth to various currents which diverge significantly from each other.

All dicasteries of the Roman Curia no longer use the adjective “sacred” as part of their title.

Benedict XVI cautions against dangers of Marxist liberation theology

AAS 53p. As a general rule, in this as in other matters, the State has a subsidiary function; but often it can be called upon to intervene directly, as in the case of international agreements between different States. Human freedom and dominion over nature.

By wresting from nature its secrets, man would subject it to his own service. The following Archbishops have held the title livertatis Secretary:. Libertatiis discarding this foundation and taking himself for God, man falls into deception, and instead of realizing himself he destroys himself. It proposed to give man the courage and boldness to use his reason without being held back by fear before the frontiers of the unknown. By obeying the divine law inscribed in his conscience and received as an impulse of the Holy Spirit, man excercises true mastery ever himself and thus realizes his royal vocation as a child of God.

As a result, participation in the class struggle is presented as a requirement of charity itself. These exigencies must be respected; but to wish to attribute to them an absolute and necessary autonomy, not in conformity with the nature of things, is to set out along a path which is ruinous for the authentic freedom of man.

This new interpretation thus touches the whole of the Christian mystery.

Anti-Chrsitian ideas are central to Marxism. Contempt for God and a turning toward creatures. AAS 63pp. Atheism, a false emancipation nnutius freedom. Freedom is not the liberty to do anything whatsoever. The question no longer has to do with simply drawing attention to the consequences and political implications of the truths of faith, which are respected beforehand for their transcendent value.


He becomes alienated librrtatis himself. It was founded to defend the church from ilbertatis ; today, it is the body responsible for promulgating and defending Catholic doctrine. Acts 2, 39; Rm 10, 12; 15, ; Libertagis 2, The ljbertatis response to the question: As a result, the political authorities will become more capable of acting with respect for the legitimate freedoms of individuals, families and subsidiary groups; and they will thus create the conditions necessary for man to be able to achieve his authentic and integral welfare, including his spiritual goal.

The concern for the purity of the faith demands giving the answer of effective witness in the service of one’s neighbor, the poor and the oppressed in particular, in an integral theological fashion. Coat of arms lobertatis the Holy See. Their theology is a theology of class. This contained, together with the universal moral precepts of the Decalogue, re ligious and civil norms which were to govern the life of the people chosen by God to be his witness among the nations.

This is the reason why the Church cannot express this option by means of reductive sociological and ideological categories which would make this preference a partisan choice and a source of conflict.

Mt 25, ; Acts 9, Awareness of man’s freedom and dignity, together with the affirmation of the inalienable rights of individuals and peoples, is one of the major characteristics of our time. Even now Satan has been checked; he who has the power of death has been reduced to impotence by the death liberrtatis Christ. On the basis of these similarities, certain simplifications are made which, abstracting from specific essential factors, prevent any really rigorous examination of the causes of poverty and prolong the confusion.

So the aspiration for justice often finds itself the captive of ideologies which hide or pervert its meaning, and which propose to people struggling for their liberation goals which are contrary to lkbertatis true purpose of human life.

The letter is referenced in Sacramentum Poenitentiae In this regard, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith wrote: