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M SERIES, /2 TON, 4×4, LIGHT MEDIUM TACTICAL VEHICLES (LMTV). OPERATOR’S INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL. Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) – After – All Models MA1 Series 2-½ Ton 4×4 Light Medium Tactical Vehicles (LMTV) Manual, Next. PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CHECKS AND SERVICES TABLE (M) Refer to Table for operator/crew PMCS procedures for M model of the LMTV.

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A factory armoring option was then introduced with the Low Signature Armored Cab LSAC armor package which could be ordered to replace the standard cab during production. The pump can lmyv 20 to gallons per minute with a deadman controller that stops dispensing when unsupervised to prevent accidental spillage.

The bench seats are constructed of a synthetic material and attach to the cargo bed side rails. The M is a dual pmds trailer with a gross payload capacity of 10, pounds. The M Wrecker features front or rear disabled vehicle lift and tow capability.

M1078 Series 2 1/2-Ton 4X4 LMTV

The M has a pmds cubic yard, 10, pound payload capacity. Soldiers are assisted climbing in and out of the cargo bed area with the aid of a ladder stowed on the vehicle when not in use.

The M was only produced in the A1R version. The older series were plagued with high maintenance and low operational readiness. Over miles km M Fuel Tank Capacity: Changes and Upgrades to the original A0 design were made over the production period resulting in four name designations, A0 produced from to The M Dump Truck is designed to transport construction material in support of combat engineer road and bridge projects.


Don’t have an Account? Because of the lighter weight of using one pod rather than two, it has a faster time, compared to the M, from the point the fire mission is received to the actual munition firing.

The M has a payload capacity of 10, pounds and lift capacity of 2, to 5, pounds using the on-board MHE.

The vehicle is still in the developmental phase. The M Tractor Truck is designed for line haul operations. In addition, the M can tow the existing medium trailer fleet.

A canvas and bows kit is provided to keep soldiers and cargo protected from the elements. Other upgrades in the MA1 include more durable seating material and cargo tarpauline, beefier door hinges, pmcw reinforced sections that can be used as footholds to gain access to the cargo area. M Truck Chassis pmsc manufactured to accept custom bodies for specific missions.

DVIDS – Video – PMCS Training Video

The M also equipped with a MHE rated at 11, pounds with the boom extended at 14 feet. The cargo bed can be equipped with a bench seat kit for the transport of soldiers. Equipped with an electrically operated MHE.

Used as a mobile shop by Direct Support Unit Maintenance contact teams.

PMCS Training Video

Choctaw Defence, a company ljtv the Choctaw Tribe, one of the code-breaker tribes from the second world war was awarded the inital contract. It is a self-contained unit, housing the pump and control module, hoses, reels and dispensing nozzles, metering instruments, fuel level indicator, filters, and a sampling probe used with the aqua-glow water sampling kit.

M Standard Cargo Truck – 2. Under the Stryker Brigade Combat Team SBCT concept, the Camel will provide a maneuvering company operating in a temperate environment more than two days of supply of water at a minimum sustaining consumption rate.


The seats can be folded down and stowed when not in use. The Preventive Maintenance Monthly is series of United States Army technical bulletins published since June as a monthly magazine with comic book-style art to illustrate proper preventive maintenance methods. Equipped with a self-recovery winch capable of fore vehicle recovery operations.

Ask about our Supply Management Services. A 24 VDC electrical system is provided to operate the electrical components radios and blackout lights, etc. The M is the prime mover for the M Semi-Trailer and can tow the M fully loaded on and off road. What pcs an NSN? The M is capable of transporting a 5 cubic yard, 10, pound payload.

The M is constructed of stainless steel with internal baffles and can transport gallons. The HIMARS lmgv concept includes the familiar launcher module, fire control, and digital command and control systems, and a self-reload capability. The cargo bed side rails are hinged for the ease of loading and unloading cargo.

We are here to help. The vehicle is equipped to transport cargo and soldiers, as required.

Caterpillar hp kW Transmission: The M Wrecker is designed to recover vehicles in the 5 ton or less weight class. Introduced to the US Army inover 95, units are pmds active service.