The following list contains links to the most used and most famous builds of the Necromancer: Bonemancer Summonmancer Novamancer Hybridmancer. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. News. Basics. Character Classes. Skills. Items Most Curses do not stack, even when using multiple Necromancers. . The greater the skill of the Necromancer, the greater the magnitude of torment the victim. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction · News · Basics · Character Classes · Skills Amazon Skills | Assassin Skills | Necromancer Skills | Barbarian Skills | Sorceress Skills | Druid Click on one of the tabs below to view the skills of the characters. For a popup window of the skill trees, click on the red + buttons next to the skill tabs.

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Go crazy with Revive it comes in handy on hell. It will necroancer help other Party Members and their Hirelings and Summonings as well, by doubling their physical damage. In hell i went with a defensive Act 2 merc with defiance aura coupled with an amplify curse. LVL 95 Summon Necro.

Necromancer Skills – Diablo Wiki

I threw 15 into him. Forget these other ppl. This is the stats on my summoning necro, I have only added into vitatlity, everything else comes from ekill. The Poison God — Necromancer You need all of your poison skills maxed in order to pump plenty of synergy into Poison Nova.


Use waterwalks or marrowwalks. Curse Help Register Sign In.

I have a good Baal is a problem because of the previous issue. So the Necros army has to take hits from melee monsters in order to aid in killing them. I was beginning to enjoy the darkness. Next come the so nice blood golem. Next put at least 1 point into Summon Resist, Decripify, Lower Resist and all the curses before them.

Necromancer builds

Summoning necro’s have problems in three specific ares: I just stand there and watch the show. After a while equip your quick key for a town portal run in cast a town portal. Just one or two to get you to be able to have the all mighty fire golem. The second reason is the This merc almost doubles the damage of the Skellies and melee revives as well, making a very powerful army. Dont listen to anyone that says you dont need max teeth, my necro has anni, 4 skillers all that equip and uses marrowtrick, he only has 5, damage on spirit, thats not absolutely dominating against a TRUE PVP Barb.

Necromancer (Diablo II)

This is the best golem in 1. I find pts into energy good because I need to raise skellis, mages, and revives quickly while casting curses. Your regular skels Mages become especially useful in hell when there are many immune to physical.

Necromsncer is a matter of choice i say again.


Its role is to support his minions, casting curses on their enemies. I haven’t bought the expansion but am quite willing to do so.

First reserve skill points for later use as Necros have some pretty worthless skills. Now destruction is let loose upon the world once more. What are the differences between them and whats the best one to play? However, this build requires some practice.

Also dont waste points on Golems cause when you reach Hell difficulty they wont be of much help. Q2 Are revives really necessary for this build? I only at first stuck one into mage. Pump up Strength to and then evenly distribute to Vitality and Energy.

The Arreat Summit – Skills: Necromancer Curses

Life is obvious but mana is needed to help with casting CE and as well to summoning the tanks. Put 1 in Fire Golem, corpse explosion, skele mast, b wall, and put 1 in b armor. He’s nice cuz he can heal you. For the Summoner Necro this will probably come down to choice of armor. They can kill and with carefull selection the can produce alot of damage.