PDF | On Dec 9, , Tarek Nabhani and others published Symétries locales et globales en logique propositionnelle et leurs extensions aux. Pour représenter les propriétés à vérifier, une logique multi-modale a été choisi: la Logique Propositionnelle Dynamique (PDL). Cette logique. Index of /geta/User/ Pascal_Lafourcade. [ICO], Name · Last modified · Size · Description.

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This situation, paired with an extensive use of the three-dimensional space, make them difficult to represent with tools already existent in Natural Language Processing NLP of vocal languages. The final product, is an automatically generated sub-lexical annotation, which can be later corrected by human annotators for their use in other areas logiqye as linguistics.

Using logiquf logic to represent sign language phonetics in semi-automatic annotation tasks. For this reason, the current work presents the development of a formal representation framework, intended propositionnelle transform SL video repositories corpus into an intermediate representation layer, where automatic recognition algorithms can work under better conditions.

SLs are complex visio-gestural communication systems; by using corporal gestures, signers achieve the same level of expressivity held by sound-based languages like English or French.

TD – Logique propositionnelle by Florence B. on Prezi

The main idea is that corpora can be described with a specialized Labeled Transition System LTSwhich can then be annotated with logic formulae for its study. Have you forgotten your login? Finally, the development of the formal framework logiqque to the creation of a semi-automatic annotator based on the presented theoretical principles.


With this, annotations is possible by defining ligique formulae the characteristics to annotate. The simultaneous execution of different actions by several articulators yield distinct situations, which can be searched over an LTS with formulae, by using the semantic rules of the logic. Together, the use of PDLSL and the proposed specialized data structures could help curb some of the current problems in SL study; notably the heterogeneity of corpora and the lack of propositionnelpe annotation aids.

De ce fait, un chercheur peut rendre exploitables des corpus existants en les transformant vers des STE. However, unlike these, SL morphemes correspond to complex sequences of highly specific body postures, interleaved with postural changes: Document and Text Processing. Friday, October 26, – 4: A multi-modal logic was chosen as the basis of the formal language: On the same vein, this may not only increase the size of the available datasets, but even propositionnellf previous results to new corpora; the framework inserts an intermediate representation layer which can serve to model any corpus, regardless of its technical limitations.


This thesis presents a formal framework for the representation of Signed Lofique SLsthe languages of Deaf communities, in semi-automatic recognition tasks.

Using formal logic to represent sign language phonetics in semi-automatic annotation tasks

Afterwards, a formal verification algorithm may be able to find those features in corpora, as long as they are represented as consistent LTSs. Monday, June 20, – Les LS sont de langues naturelles, qui utilisent des gestes et l’espace autour du signeur pour transmettre de l’information.

This logic was originally created to specify and prove properties on computer programs. With the PDLSL, body articulators like the hands or head are interpreted as independent agents; each articulator has its own set of valid actions and propositions, and executes them without influence from the others.

Interprétation (logique)

Traitement automatique du langage naturel Annotation automatique Langue des signes Logique propositionnelle dynamique. In particular, PDL uses the modal operators [a] and to denote necessity and possibility, respectively. For SLs, a particular variant based on the original formalism was developed: