Copyrighted material A /> Hidden page Hidden page Hidden page Tantra The Cult of the Feminine Andre Van Lysebeth Tht b Qi>* – 81 G- L1K’ MOTILAL. André Van Lysebeth (October 10, – January 28, ) was a Belgian yoga instructor and author whose books about yoga have been translated into many languages. He is also known for a quintessential book on human sexuality he took thirty years of his life to write, ‘Tantra: The Cult of. André van Lysebeth, Tantra, Cult of the Feminine. 4 likes. Book.

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Remember, 18th-century Paris had no sewage system. Van Lysebeth was a yogic master who wrote and studied extensively on the topic and passed away in This is the most secret part of Tantric mysticism, hut has been greatly misunderstood doe to its non-Aryan character.

And both are merged in self-perpetuating ecstasy where, in common, with the goal tantrw most great religions, the selfish “I” is lost in the all-embracing “We.

How can Tantra contend that 1 don’t know my body?

Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine

The cosmic energy continuum goes hand in hand with the continuum of life, the lwo being indissociable. In Buddhism—which has practically disappeared from Indian soil, its birthplace, for having dared to reject the Hindu pantheon and oppose the Brahmanical caste—contemplation makes up the greater part of worship.

This meditation can also be done at night, in bed, and one may thus fall asleep in the bosom of tantrq cosmic Mother of our origins: This year’s cars are a “step forward” vis-i-vis last year’s models, etc.


There are no core texts or codified beliefs, and the movement has been suppressed by opposing systems, still associated with darkness today.

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She is the very body of the universe; woman is the support of the three worlds, she is the very essence of our body. Naturally, at the beginning, this is a bit hard to swallow, for it seems to contradict what we experience each and every instant of our lives. Although each and even-‘ woman embodies the ultimate female principle and erus, the true Shakti is becoming ever scarcer. Kitty gets yelled at for pouncing on a robin, but who worries about the torment of a worm being swallowed up like spaghetti by a blackbird?

Gentlemen, I hold to be’ self-evident the fact that for raillenia Europe thrived on high mystical thought, itself inherited from other times, devoted to the Homed God.

Tantra: The Cult of the Feminine by André Van Lysebeth

In this book, l shall use the word Tantra to refer to a body of mii- ienia-old doctrines and above all, practices. Tantra also means a “loom” or “weaving” which would seem to bear no relation with any form of doctrine. For the kid I was, he had all the allure and prestige of a scientist. Does a rabbit rep resent progress vis-a-vis a dinosaur, or an ant vis-a-vis an elephant?

Dr, Carol Reed, has succeeded in reducing this pain and even eliminating It altogether by paradoxically asking the parturient to concentrate on her uterine contractions. Apartheid, even in the absence of economic discrimination, has given rise to extremely structured overminds, therefore creating conflict.

S During this extended contact, sexual intercourse takes place on the three following levels: The ritualised, Tan trie maithuna, thus made sacred, creates a relationship that is a far cry from profane intercourse, by virtue of this attitude of contemplation vis-d-vis the other person and the event of their union. Peter rated it it was amazing Oct 28, It follows that harming any life form means harming one’s own: How is one created?


Other living beings, ‘be they human or animals, are not mere specters, robots endowed with some vague form of consciousness, but processes rooted in the infinite and whose dimensions exceed, their individuality. Lawden provides evidence of the tajtra of life and death: It took a couple of centuries to conquer the Indus Valley people.

The audience applauds nicely but remains cold. But does it really matter?

André Van Lysebeth

Actually, Tantric thought is quite natural and straightforward. Migrating, they mixed with local tribes and people, and in hid la, they mixed with aboriginals who already had started creating cities and ports. But the peculiar corellary tantea that when the battle is eventually lost’ the M.

Our common sense takes this so much for granted that it does not even, dawn upon us that archaic mankind may have had another perception of time. This vision of time-beyond-time also applies to Tantric mailhum, the ,ysebeth sexual union, which ceases to be profane with the awareness that creation is taking place here and now.