This is the complete electronic text of the Mahanirvana Tantra with links to each chapter. Tantra. I am telling Thee the truth, O Devi! Lay it to the heart and ponder over it. There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, the most. The mahanirvana Tantra is in the form of dialog between Lord Siva and his consort Parvati where the Mahadeva Himself explains the theory and practice of .

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Full text of “Great Liberation Mahanirvana Tantra John Woodroffe “

He then thinks of himself as flooded by nectarand considers that the nadi have been washed. This subtle body contains in itself the cause of rebirth into the gross body when the period of reincarnation arrives. Let the sadhana think of the great ocean of nectar in his heart. The Goddess Devi is the great Shakti. Nyasa as well as Asana are necessary for the production of the desired state of mind and of chitta-shuddhi its purification.

Am, Hrim, Krom, Shrim, Svaha Jiva-nyasa follows upon bhuta-shuddhi. Lauliki is the whirling of the belly from side to side. Lilaas applied to the Brahmanis the equivalent of maya. None before has ever questioned Me as Thou hast done for the advantage of all mankind — nay, for the benefit of all that breathes, and that, too, in such detail and with reference to the Dharma of each of the different Ages.

Mahika are the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.

According to the temperament of the sadhakaso is the form of worship and sadhana. Next, form with the left hand the Naivedya-Mudra, which is like a full-blown lotus.


Initiation by yoga-diksha fully qualifies him for yogachara. Having thus meditated upon the Devi Matrika, place the letters tatnra the six Chakras as follows: With his children and grandchildren, and with happiness and dominion, he becomes a bestower of gifts and charities, a protector of his dependents, and his fame goes abroad He is the Supreme Unity without a second.

Mahanirvana Tantra | Mahavidya

The person in that state is termed prajnahis individuality being merged in the causal body karana. In the Kula Tantras and Agamas I have, by the aid of but a small part of Thy mercies and with all My mahqnirvana, described the Sadhana and Archana of Thy appearances; yet nowhere else is this very secret Sadhana revealed. Then, with wine from the cup of enjoyment, the worshipper should, in the lotus of his heart, offer oblations to the Adya-Kali.

The touch tamtra inferior castes may pollute the water of Ganga and the Shaligrama, but nothing which has been consecrated to the Brahman 80 can be so polluted. Vrata are of various kinds. Similarly, when touching the two upper portions of the arms, the three eyes and the two palms, utter the Mantras Hum and Vaushat and Phat respectively. By Mantra the sought for sadhya Devatais attained and compelled.

There is no doctrine superior to the Kaulika doctrine, tantr most excellent of all He offers everything to the Supreme Devi. Each Devata has His or Her vija.

Mahanirvana Tantra (Tantra of the Great Liberation)

It yields happiness to the worshippers: He is the Ever-existent. Then the head with a light on it should be offered to the Devi with the following: I bow to the Supreme Soul. The Mantra for the worship of the Shakti or Devi of the support is: Siva concludes the thirteenth chapter by telling Parvati that by worshipping the gods with immense devotion and act, without a view of reward, will be released from rebirth Avalon Ashvinimudra consists of the repeated contraction and expansion of the anus for the purpose of shodhana or of contraction to restrain the apana in Skatchakrabheda.


Shiva has said that the way of Kulachara is as difficult as it is to walk on the edge of a sword or to hold a wild tiger.

Hindu Scriptures and Important Texts

There is both in preparation and performance sangyamasuch as sexual continence, eating of particular foodsuch as havishyannafastingbathing. Asana are postures of the body. Let the mortal then follow with great care the precepts of Shankara This is absorbed by a higher emanationand that by a higher, and so on, until the Source of all is reached.

The process is accompanied by inhalation and the union of prana and apana whilst in siddhasana. At the end of the Mantra of ten letters the word Kalika in the mahsnirvana should be uttered, and then the first three Bija, followed by the name of the Wife of Vahni I bow to thee, O Sad-guru.

Other kinds of fried grain are inferior The assignment of the mantra is to the head, mouthheartanus, the two feet, and all the body generally. The inward recitation of this Vidya thrice daily obtains the fruit of the performance of Sandhya.