The novel has its links with the character of Mahashweta in Banabhatta’s classic work, ‘Kadambari’. While Banabhatta made it a happy ending. Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy.. Sudha Murthy, Novels, Reading, Book Title, The Mother I Never Knew – Sudha Murty Sudha Murthy, Book Title, New Books. Mahashweta, by Sudha Murthy, is one such book. It is a simple story of a simple girl with simple aspirations, who wants to lead a simple life. Her name is.

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She even thinks of suicide but gathers courage and decides to live the life that God has given her. This story definitely made me a bit mature and has affected a lot in my thinking and about the perception of life and people. Mahashweta by Sudha Murty. Jun 27, Sruthi Menon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let society says anything it wishes. I Started this book as a leisure read, but as pages passed,i realised this,was not just a pageturner.

This site uses cookies. Later she moves to Mumbai with the help of her friend and works as a lecturer. Meanwhile, she also puts a stop to the advances from another suitor, saying she does not want to put herself into the troubles of married life again. She bluntly yet bravely shows them what is wrong with their mindsets and in turn makes us question our morals, our innermost trepidations; all the while making the process as simple as possible.


Anupama is a beautiful college student who is also rich in histrionics. Anyway, Anu assists Dolly during her hospitalisation. The novel deals with the issue of leukoderma.

She finds fairy tale love and gets married, only to find her dreams shattered to pieces, when she discovers that she has leukoderma. Overall it was a fantastic read and somewhat an eye opener.

The transformation shown through the emotional roller coaster Sudha Murty – She must be my foster mom, for she teaches me so much, so easily, that I never want to lose her. Seldom do you come across a piece of fiction which leaves you in tears; still leaving a feeling of admiration and awe for the virtuosity and strength of character displayed by the protagonists.

I, initially, felt sorry for Anupama but as the story progresses I was very happy for her.


She is very beautiful, intelligent and talented. He is interested in Anupama, and requests her to be a part of realising his dream.

But nothing about the book feels original. The way author weaved the strong story line around characters was outstanding. A poor and beautiful girl Anupama met dudha and rich man Dr.

One day, mahahsweta Englandwhen he comes across a husband who cares for his crippled wife, he is overcome by guilt. Thereafter few days Anupama got leucoderma.

Her husband abandons her because of her marred beauty. This a Must Read Book for Everyone.


Mahashweta – Murty – Google Books

Sueha link is just in the white colour. These are some of the tender qualities that have been reflected beautifully in this book in the main protagonist ‘Anupama’ despite suffering from Leukoderma. Does that mean that the life of the tree is wasted? When Anand from high-society falls in love with Anupama, they get married without any trouble.

Sagara Teeram: Book Summary – Mahashweta by Sudha Murty

It is a dead end in the end for him, but not yet. The major takeaway from this read was no matter how hard you hit the rock bottom in life, you still can look up and hope for a miracle.

Her faith is tested in every step from there on, neither she is allowed to live peacefully in her in-laws place nor in her parents. Meanwhile, Shamanna is dead; Anu sends money for the manashweta.

Abandoned by her uncaring in-laws and insensitive husband, she is forced to return to her father’s home in the village. They are the stories of people we may find anywhere. Though many of them might not be fond of her, her writing is just over-whelming.